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Gender: 男の娘Age: 15Location: China

Gold: 75850 Charts been played: 1 days 19:21

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Exp.1008295 Playcount:1878

Acc.96.00% Combo:2421


Exp.1203 Playcount:8

Acc.97.12% Combo:427


Exp.1654 Playcount:9

Acc.95.84% Combo:134


Exp.17792 Playcount:63

Acc.95.76% Combo:1216


just have a try XD

About Me

This is HyMiExcr, a music game beginner player from Shanghai, China.

Mainly play 4K on PC & PE, try to play 7K recently.

(don't believe the rank, I'm actually a noob/

I sometimes make some charts, although they are not good enough to be stabled..., I’ll try my best to make them better!

I'm trying to make skins. If you enjoy them, I’’ll be pleased. And please give me feedback if there're any bugs in the skins.

In addition, I’m also an osu!mania, Etterna (StepMania) and LR2 (BMS) beginnerplayer.

Last but not least, I play MUG just for fun :)





时而写谱 时而写皮肤。


My Achievement

→Malody CN Regular 7th Dan Passed

My Skins

Default (HyMiExcr Edit) {code: vswp} ←my personal skin (pe)

R Skin v3.0 (HyMiExcr Edit)my personal skin (pc)

Pink Arrows 4K by HyMiExcr

StepMania Red and Blue Arrows 4K


Chinese √

English √

Japanese, Korean, Russian...→Google Translate

Contact Me

QQ: 1876269420

Email: [email protected]

My osu! account

my osu! profile (HyMiExcr)

Words for Myself

When you sacrifice your efforts, you will get a result.

BUT there's not always a reward.


Just Enjoy the Game!

holy sh*t my flag counter was gone

Tsukikage SASURAI - 4K Yuzuki's HD Lv.20

Score: 2461190   Combo: 1757   Acc. :99.43%   Judge :C

4 minutes

Touhou Youyoumu ULTIMATE MEDLEY - 4K EXHAUST Lv.29

Score: 2719693   Combo: 1190   Acc. :99.18%   Judge :C

1 day

Hitorigoto - 4K Manga Lv.23

Score: 1581900   Combo: 1212   Acc. :99.87%   Judge :C

1 day

Candy a Mine - 7K Normal Lv.4

Score: 471065   Combo: 397   Acc. :98.24%   Judge :B

1 day

ouroboros -twin stroke of the end- - 4K Insane Lv.27

Score: 3580172   Combo: 644   Acc. :97.90%   Judge :C

2 days

Xue Mao Jiao - 4K Hard Lv.17

Score: 1584321   Combo: 990   Acc. :98.36%   Judge :E

2 days

Soshite Yukari no Fantasia wa Subete o Ukeireru - 4K EXHAUST Lv.25

Score: 2456477   Combo: 869   Acc. :99.56%   Judge :C

2 days

Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai - 4K EXHAUST Lv.24

Score: 1993997   Combo: 737   Acc. :99.68%   Judge :C

2 days

Amenohoakari - 4K MASTER Lv.25

Score: 2620385   Combo: 1553   Acc. :99.66%   Judge :C

2 days

Zettaireido - 4K GRAVITY Lv.29

Score: 2831594   Combo: 911   Acc. :97.16%   Judge :C

2 days

How to 暴打 HyMiExcr Ver.0 - C95% Pass

Length: 546s   Hot: 4

2020-07-03 11:04

Achromat - 4K Another Lv.26

Length: 172s   Hot: 40

2020-06-27 20:47

Urania - 4K MX Lv.18

Length: 115s   Hot: 10

2020-05-06 22:19

Urania - 4K SC Lv.25

Length: 115s   Hot: 15

2020-05-06 22:19

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