Myamsar Editor Assistant

Joined since: 2015-11-22 Last play: 2019-3-19 Played: 1 days 2:25

Gender: BoyAge: 22Location: China

Gold: 19588 Income: 14865 Charts been played: 35 days 16:9

Stable charts: 49 Unstable charts: 46


Exp.98542 Playcount:219

Acc.93.64% Combo:1594


Exp.333 Playcount:3

Acc.85.47% Combo:445


Exp.103013 Playcount:264

Acc.97.30% Combo:1307


Exp.1793 Playcount:7

Acc.92.32% Combo:388

Profile in English

Hi, I'm Myamsar, You can also call me Amami.

Yes, that's me in my avatar (laugh

I'm just an average taiko player and mapper who sometimes also plays Key mode, but I am not too good at it haha.

Recently, I am also slowly transposing my old work into Malody.

As an assistant, I can help you to check your chart briefly before you try to give it to a publisher and stable it.

If I say your chart isn't really that great, I will give you some ideas or ways to make it better. In this case please don't go and disturb the publishers, their are quite busy and it'll just waste his time checking better charts.

I'll check the alpha section occationally, give the chart to publishers and I'll use o private message to inform you .

Thanks for all of you who plays my charts, even if you dislike or even hate my charts. Your criticism or opinions can raise my charts' quality.

Welcome to join our QicQ group:519879472←Malody taiko mapper group,all of assistants and publishers in this group.

My twitter:Amami_A_Myamsar









欢迎加入太鼓麻婆QQ群:519879472. 所有的pub和assistant大佬都在里面哦想更快上架你的谱面就抓紧加入吧(



↑translate by yourself,I'm lazy.




Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- - 4K Hyper Lv.20

Score: 1874253   Combo: 842   Acc. :93.76%   Judge :E

19 days

Chrono Diver -PENDULUMs- - 4K Another Lv.28

Score: 2193016   Combo: 611   Acc. :92.67%   Judge :E

19 days

Black Lotus - Extreme Lv.28

Score: 2135365   Combo: 246   Acc. :95.76%   Judge :E

19 days

ReviXy - Extreme Lv.27

Score: 3126949   Combo: 1307   Acc. :99.06%   Judge :E

27 days

Joyeuse - Extreme Lv.28

Score: 1735498   Combo: 451   Acc. :97.80%   Judge :E

30 days

Joyeuse - Normal Lv.10

Score: 640642   Combo: 196   Acc. :98.85%   Judge :E

30 days

Joyeuse - Hard Lv.20

Score: 1036612   Combo: 253   Acc. :98.61%   Judge :E

30 days

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - Hard Lv.25

Score: 1952569   Combo: 352   Acc. :97.59%   Judge :E

1 month

Soshite Yukari no fantasia wa subete wo ukeireru - Extreme Lv.30

Score: 2028143   Combo: 514   Acc. :96.58%   Judge :E

1 month

Medicine of Sing - Extra Lv.25

Score: 1843852   Combo: 725   Acc. :99.24%   Judge :E

2 months

Uragirimono no Requiem - Extreme Lv.22

Length: 90s   Hot: 0

2019-03-19 06:32

Machi bito wa kozu. - Normal Lv.7

Length: 127s   Hot: 23

2019-03-08 08:48

Fighting Gold - Extreme Lv.22

Length: 89s   Hot: 1

2019-03-03 23:41

Black Lotus - Extreme Lv.28

Length: 106s   Hot: 109

2019-03-01 12:55

Reboot - Extra Lv.33

Length: 120s   Hot: 11

2019-02-28 17:57

Reboot - Normal Lv.10

Length: 120s   Hot: 0

2019-02-28 11:20

Reboot - Hard Lv.18

Length: 120s   Hot: 1

2019-02-28 11:20

Reboot - Extreme Lv.26

Length: 120s   Hot: 10

2019-02-28 11:19

Joyeuse - Normal Lv.10

Length: 96s   Hot: 52

2019-02-17 13:27

Joyeuse - Hard Lv.20

Length: 96s   Hot: 121

2019-02-17 13:27

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