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Joined since: 2019-4-23 Last play: 2020-4-9 Played: 4 days 11:48

Gender: BoyAge: 20Location: Canada

Gold: 1050738 Income: 42219 Charts been played: 169 days 21:45

Stable charts: 34 Unstable charts: 28


Exp.1248208 Playcount:1789

Acc.98.40% Combo:4011


Exp.19538 Playcount:46

Acc.99.45% Combo:1079


Exp.51 Playcount:2

Acc.99.26% Combo:85


Exp.69062 Playcount:202

Acc.98.71% Combo:1804

About Me/关于我

Hi, Endermeng here, welcome to my homepage:)

I am currently a 2nd year university student in Canada, so I am avaiable in Mandarin(Chinese) and English.

My hobbies are playing rhythm games, playing pc games (like Minecraft), and working out in the gym.

I also play other rhythm games such as DEEMO and o2jam, and prefer to use two fingers to play these games.

Camellia, xi, Sakuzyo, iceloki, Lunatic Sounds, DJ TAKA and a_hisa are my favourite artists.

The most lovely person in the world -> @Aquamarine_





很喜欢Camellia, xi, Sakuzyo, ice, Lunatic Sounds, DJ TAKA和a_hisa的音乐。

世界上最可爱的人 -> @Aquamarine_


Malody: 4K 9th dan

DEEMO: β dan

Comparing with other modes, I play slightly better in 4K and slide.

Sometimes I also map some songs in key and slide modes.

Although technically not a skillful player, I still enjoy playing charts and creating charts, especially the process of mapping a song.

If you are interested in discussing gameplay and mapping, or collaborating to map a song with me, feel free to contact me:)

Malody目前4K 9dan。

DEEMO目前β dan。






According to key mapping style, I am still learning and practicing, and looking forward to create more high quality key charts in the future. There are many people who helped me a lot in chart making, so I will list their names below. Many thanks to those people who have supported me and helped me all the way, because your kindly help actually means a lot to me.

According to slide mapping style, I personally prefer the mapping style from DEEMO offical charts, which are usually playable using two fingers, but focus more on personal basics like speed and stamina.

Note: I am always happy to accept healthy opinions about mapping. If you think some part of my chart is bad arranged, please provide me a persuasive justification. A bad result never proves there is any quality issue with the chart.




People that I would like to thank/想要感谢的人

(order does not matter/顺序不分先后)






2019/4/23 Born in Malody

2019/4/24 Malody 4K 5th dan passed

2019/4/26 Malody 4K 6th dan passed(acc 95.79%)

2019/5/11 Malody 4K 7th dan passed(acc 95.13%)

2019/5/13 Back to the gate 5.21* S rank(acc 96.32%)

2019/6/7 Blue Zenith Zen's Black Another 5.2* S rank(acc 96.1%)

2019/7/16 Malody 4K 8th dan passed(acc 95.79%)

2019/7/16 Malody 4K 9th dan passed(acc 95.00%)

2019/8/30 Get a new tablet

2019/9/15 Malody 4K 10th dan passed(acc 95.80%)

2019/10/29 Become Editor

2019/10/29 First Key stable

2019/11/12 First Slide stable

2020/1/11 First 10000 Hot

2020/2/29 CBP 100 days

to be continued...

My Charts/作品

4 Key

2019/10/29Angelic Sphere3R2Lv.8Lv.15Lv.20--
2019/11/9True Bluedj TAKA feat.AiMEELv.8-Lv.21Lv.26r567as
2019/11/22At the speed of lightDimrain47---Lv.25r567as
2020/1/25croiXTeam Grimoire+あま猫-Lv.16Lv.24Lv.28r567as
2020/1/25XiorcTeam Grimoire+あま猫Lv.8--Lv.27r567as
2020/2/13Heart of Witch(DEEMO Arr.)ReX (Piano:Ayatsugu_Otowa)Lv.8Lv.17Lv.22Lv.26-
2020/2/29World Vanquishervoid (Mournfinale)Lv.10-Lv.21Lv.26-


2019/11/21Chrome VOXt+pazoliteLv.7Lv.15Lv.21-
2019/12/31ouroboros -twin stroke of the end-Cranky VS MASAKILv.10Lv.19Lv.25-
2020/2/11Interstellar Experiencepolysha + daphLv.8Lv.16Lv.22-


2020/3Glitched CharacterKobaryoLv.30
2020/4Rose QuartzShikiLv.30

Charts Waiting To Be Stabled

End Time(8/16/21)

World Vanquisher(8/17/23)

Contact Me/联系方式




Senbonzakura - Hard Lv.17

Score: 1370045   Combo: 902   Acc. :98.90%   Judge :E

5 hours

Daydream - 4K Hard Lv.19

Score: 1829475   Combo: 1117   Acc. :99.97%   Judge :C

3 days

Xue Mao Jiao - 4K Hard Lv.17

Score: 1344000   Combo: 989   Acc. :100%   Judge :C

3 days

Cyka Blyat - 4K Blyat Lv.19

Score: 1812100   Combo: 1087   Acc. :100%   Judge :C

7 days

Tyouonchu Haikatsuryou Test - 4K HARD Lv.1

Score: 267721   Combo: 944   Acc. :97.79%   Judge :E

8 days

Halcyon - Extend Lv.23

Score: 2412424   Combo: 1793   Acc. :99.55%   Judge :E

10 days

Halcyon - Normal Lv.15

Score: 1495991   Combo: 1487   Acc. :98.45%   Judge :E

10 days

Halcyon - Hard Lv.21

Score: 2055001   Combo: 1775   Acc. :99.68%   Judge :E

10 days

True Blue - 4K Dark Blue Lv.21

Score: 2380560   Combo: 1412   Acc. :99.80%   Judge :E

13 days

croiX - 4K ADVANCED Lv.16

Score: 1860900   Combo: 1159   Acc. :99.68%   Judge :E

13 days

World Vanquisher - Hard Lv.17

Length: 161s   Hot: 33

2020-04-08 14:50

Kyoukiranbu - Extend Lv.23

Length: 145s   Hot: 3

2020-04-07 13:39

World Vanquisher - Extend Lv.23

Length: 159s   Hot: 83

2020-04-07 00:41

Ascension to Heaven - 4K Black Another Lv.29

Length: 159s   Hot: 117

2020-04-06 10:12

End Time - Easy Lv.8

Length: 129s   Hot: 1

2020-04-06 02:28

End Time - Normal Lv.16

Length: 129s   Hot: 37

2020-04-06 02:25

World Vanquisher - Normal Lv.8

Length: 161s   Hot: 6

2020-04-05 10:23

End Time - Hard Lv.21

Length: 129s   Hot: 100

2020-04-02 02:57

Rose Quartz - 4K CHALLENGE(x1.3) Lv.30

Length: 91s   Hot: 919

2020-04-01 08:00

Rose Quartz - 4K CHALLENGE Lv.24

Length: 118s   Hot: 21

2020-03-31 14:20

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