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Joined since: 2019-5-25 Last play: 2019-10-15 Played: 1 days 11:30

Gender: 男の娘Age: 23Location: Indonesia

Gold: 17051 Income: 6950 Charts been played: 5 days 14:19

Stable charts: 9 Unstable charts: 18


Exp.25576 Playcount:71

Acc.93.52% Combo:2421


Exp.333582 Playcount:639

Acc.99.11% Combo:1365


Exp.117 Playcount:4

Acc.81.25% Combo:69


Exp.29199 Playcount:160

Acc.96.29% Combo:618


Exp.7840 Playcount:75

Acc.95.72% Combo:671


Exp.22034 Playcount:148

Acc.97.04% Combo:1060

Respected player

NoPlayer nameReasons
1kuromumalody catch master
2YakumoChenmalody catch PUB, very kind person. Also love most of her/his chart
32NTmalody catch master #2 , like some of his chart
4Kureniamalody indonesian catch master, very good person to chat with
5rurumalody #1 rank, see her/his name everywhere
ModeAverage AccuracySetupUsual JudgementLevelInfo
Key mode (PC)80-95%DF - KLC - ELv. 20 - 30Used to play osu!mania before
Key mode (Mobile)90-98%4K - kind of guitar hero skinA - CLv.5 - 15I'm noob af in mobile
Taiko mode (PC)90 - 97%DDKK styleC - ELv.10 - 25Used to play osu!taiko in osu as main mode
Taiko mode (Mobile)85 - 95%Forced kddk single tap lolB - DLv. 5 - 15I cant kddk
Catch mode (PC)90 - 99%DF as< >, K as DashA - CLv.5- 10Although im playing osu!catch (5k pp), catch mode here are fundamentally different from osu, as more focus on mobile gameplay
Catch mode (Mobile)90 - 100%mainly 1 finger player, try double finger nowadays, usual low end smartphoneA - ELv. 5 - 23My main mode

My chart

NoSong nameDetailStatus/etc
1nonet - Now On Stage!!catch mode : salad lv.6 , platter lv.10, rain lv.13Stable
2nameless - Milk Crown on Sonneticacatch mode : storm lv.22Alpha (PM on july 2019
3Rin'ca - Kiseki Melodyslide mode : easy lv.6, normal lv.13Alpha (in progress)
4Ayaka Ohashi - Wagamama MIRROR HEARTcatch mode : salad lv.7 , platter lv.9, rain lv.14Stable
5Uesaka Sumire - Souzetsu Gekkoucatch mode : rain lv.15, platter lv.9, salad lv.6Requested by Kurenia, Stable
6Hibiki Sakura (CV: Ai Fairouz), Naruzou Machio (CV: Kaito Ishikawa) -Onegai Musclecatch mode : salad lv.6, rain lv.13Alpha- Pending (busy)
7Syaro (CV : Uchida Maaya) - Caffeine Fightercatch mode : syaro is love lv.13Alpha (PM on august 2019)
8K.Rekii - Potato Chipscatch mode: lethal dose lv.22Alpha
9solfa feat.Ceui - Koiiro Recipekey mode: 4K Ushio is love lv.18Alpha (PM on september 2019
10Chino (CV: Minase Inori) - Mirai Puzzlecatch mode : rain lv.13, platter lv.8, salad lv.6Alpha
11Chino (CV : Minase Inori) - Mahou Shoujo Chino (Netpulse Bootleg Remix)catch mode : pyondose lv.25Alpha (PM on october 2019)
12Wataten☆5 - Kimama na Tenshitachicatch mode: Rain Lv.12Alpha
13ClariS - SHIORIcatch mode: Rain Lv.13Alpha
14Coconatsu - Coconatsu wa yume no katachicatch mode: Overdose Lv.21Alpha

I did create chart based what i can play so im never overstep my limit.

I like cute song and anime song. mmmh.

but im also okay with banger and instrumental.


1000 hot within month wagamama mirror heart 8/4/2019


welp you know me, im rentarou from indonesian. Usually im using renaxan for any ID for my identities but my name has been taken (wtf) so im sticking with this name instead. I'm fully slave worker adult who have addicted to many kind of rythm game.

Fact about myself :

1. I'm novel addict and i would call myself expert on them? i have reading all type of novel (western, japan, chinese, korean etc) in many kind of platform (NU, royalroad, scribble). My novel list easily surpassed 500+

my profile and reading list of novel i have ever read

2. I'm also visual novel/eroge player. yeah, im really like story stuff lol.

vndb list, VN i have played

3. Also play taiko arcade, SDVX and mai mai weekly everytime i have free days.

4. On osu im actually legit taiko player and mapper (i have ranked map on osu taiko lol) but im into catch instead here (aiming stabled some here xD). I'm really respecting how taiko charting system work here. instead, i will enjoy the taiko map here (still having catch as main mode uwu)

my osu page : [Belajar-Osu]

5. Despite all above, my main game actually transformice which are simple mice browser game ( have played since 2012 ). Also mapping map there,

Renax #3834

Renaxan#9423 is my discord.

Noob catch mapping tips

LOVING TRIP - Hard Lv.13

Score: 711250   Combo: 286   Acc. :97.81%   Judge :C

11 hours

High Free Spirits - Hard Lv.10

Score: 826264   Combo: 301   Acc. :98.67%   Judge :E

11 hours

Go-toubun no Kimochi - Hard Lv.11

Score: 692683   Combo: 280   Acc. :98.13%   Judge :E

11 hours

EXTRA MAGIC HOUR - Muzukashii Lv.12

Score: 556365   Combo: 241   Acc. :96.78%   Judge :C

11 hours

Cutie Ladies - Rain Lv.13

Score: 1032512   Combo: 456   Acc. :99.40%   Judge :E

19 hours

Heart Pattern - Normal Lv.10

Score: 616307   Combo: 405   Acc. :95.98%   Judge :C

20 hours

Souten - Hard Lv.21

Score: 578632   Combo: 104   Acc. :89.83%   Judge :C

20 hours

Call You Mine - Extend Lv.14

Score: 940995   Combo: 534   Acc. :98.96%   Judge :C

20 hours

Konkon Kitsune - Extend Lv.20

Score: 681795   Combo: 418   Acc. :91.79%   Judge :C

1 day

InFiction - Hard Lv.17

Score: 917521   Combo: 678   Acc. :97.42%   Judge :C

1 day

Coconatsu wa yume no katachi - Overdose Lv.21

Length: 109s   Hot: 10

2019-10-15 14:21

SHIORI - Rain Lv.13

Length: 89s   Hot: 6

2019-10-03 17:20

Kiseki Melody - Normal Lv.13

Length: 96s   Hot: 33

2019-10-02 00:36

Mirai Puzzle - Rain Lv.13

Length: 93s   Hot: 143

2019-10-02 00:20

Kimama na Tenshitachi - Rain Lv.12

Length: 88s   Hot: 24

2019-09-29 11:11

Mirai Puzzle - Salad Lv.6

Length: 93s   Hot: 4

2019-09-29 01:01

Mirai Puzzle - Platter Lv.8

Length: 93s   Hot: 1

2019-09-29 01:00

SHIORI - Normal

Length: 89s   Hot: 32

2019-09-25 09:12

Kiseki Melody - Easy Lv.6

Length: 96s   Hot: 15

2019-09-24 14:48


Length: 89s   Hot: 2

2019-09-21 12:55

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