Zero__wind Publisher Editor

Joined since: 2014-9-4 Last play: 2019-4-19 Played: 9 days 11:31

Gender: GirlAge: 22Location: China

Gold: 980130 Income: 36858 Charts been played: 58 days 3:24

Stable charts: 178 Unstable charts: 42


Exp.1569642 Playcount:3047

Acc.94.89% Combo:1944


Exp.216239 Playcount:2122

Acc.98.08% Combo:948


Exp.52656 Playcount:254

Acc.91.61% Combo:606


Exp.157531 Playcount:903

Acc.92.75% Combo:518


Exp.684587 Playcount:2879

Acc.98.25% Combo:1333


Exp.70083 Playcount:191

Acc.97.69% Combo:1326


About Me

I am Zero__wind with 2 underscores in the mid which 80% guys didn't notice. Well, you may have known me from somewhere else as I'm always using the same ID but that's not really important. In Malody, I'm generally a player and mapper of all modes, a publisher of Ring mode, a program tester, and also one of the initial member who designed and established Malody community.

For many reasons, I'm not some kind of 'hardcore' MUG player. My accuracy on easier charts is somehow ok though, I can't really handle high level charts. I enjoy playing jubeat and taiko in game centers, quite interested in chunithm as well but there're no such arcades in China;w; In Malody, I play Ring mode more for two reasons, original mode of Malody, while being playable with thumbs only so I can enjoy it on the way to work/back home. Also for these, I began to dedicate to mapping Ring as I'm more interested in unique playing mode and unknown fields.

About mapping, I usually learn from what I enjoy playing, and generally I can only map what I can play. My mapping is highly based on testplaying so if I ca not play my maps properly, I will not be able to ensure their quality either.

About Ring Mapping

For further information see my Ring Mapping Instructions.

My Ring playing videos

Ring mode difficulty graph



因为各种原因,我一直不是个硬核的音游玩家,虽然我打低难度图的精度还不错但是对于很高难度的图我大多应付不了。在机厅出勤的时候我比较喜欢打jubeat和太鼓,虽然对中二也很感兴趣不过苦于国内没有机台(清明去上海打到中二啦!但是暂时歌还好少喔= =);w; 在Malody的几个模式里我Ring玩得比较多,一个是因为Ring是Malody的原创模式,另外是因为我在上下班的路上用拇指就可以玩。也正是因此,我在Ring模式的作谱上投入得比较多,独特的玩法和对未知领域的开拓都让我比较感兴趣。







My first Key stable: 25th MAY. 2015

My first Pad stable: 25th JUL. 2017

My first Ring stable: 18th AUG. 2017

My first Taiko stable: 8th FEB. 2019

My first Catch stable: 17th FEB. 2019

My first Slide stable: 30th MAR. 2019

Achievement First mapper with stable charts of ALL modes: 17th FEB. 2019

CBP 10days: 15th JUL. 2018

Income 10k: 13th SEP. 2018

100 Ring stable charts: 15th NOV. 2018

Over half of the Ring stable charts are mine now>.< : 7th DEC. 2018

Ring Pub: 15th JAN. 2019

Seventeen Feels - Hard Lv.25

Score: 1765062   Combo: 797   Acc. :95.91%   Judge :E

20 hours

Gekitsui Murasa - Hard Lv.22

Score: 1759990   Combo: 955   Acc. :96.62%   Judge :E

2 days

KEMURIKUSA - Muzukashii Lv.13

Score: 652192   Combo: 261   Acc. :97.03%   Judge :E

3 days

Seventeen Feels - Easy Lv.9

Score: 800412   Combo: 750   Acc. :99.04%   Judge :E

4 days

Seventeen Feels - Normal Lv.18

Score: 1158966   Combo: 938   Acc. :99.03%   Judge :E

4 days

KEMURIKUSA - Futsuu Lv.8

Score: 366654   Combo: 137   Acc. :99.09%   Judge :E

4 days


Score: 900123   Combo: 294   Acc. :92.86%   Judge :E

4 days

Osenju Meditation - Easy Lv.6

Score: 433900   Combo: 476   Acc. :100%   Judge :C

5 days

Osenju Meditation - Normal Lv.14

Score: 638513   Combo: 807   Acc. :98.28%   Judge :C

5 days

Osenju Meditation - Hard Lv.21

Score: 851724   Combo: 526   Acc. :88.10%   Judge :E

5 days

Sterelogue - Hard

Length: 137s   Hot: 0

2019-04-18 18:39

KEMURIKUSA - Futsuu Lv.8

Length: 89s   Hot: 89

2019-04-14 19:49

KEMURIKUSA - Muzukashii Lv.13

Length: 89s   Hot: 67

2019-04-14 19:49


Length: 90s   Hot: 324

2019-04-14 19:49

Seventeen Feels - Easy Lv.9

Length: 140s   Hot: 20

2019-04-14 19:33

Seventeen Feels - Normal Lv.18

Length: 140s   Hot: 57

2019-04-14 19:33

Seventeen Feels - Hard Lv.25

Length: 140s   Hot: 237

2019-04-14 19:33

JOINT - Hard

Length: 95s   Hot: 7

2019-04-13 15:53

Hishoku no Sora - Easy Lv.5

Length: 82s   Hot: 96

2019-04-06 20:22

Hishoku no Sora - Normal Lv.12

Length: 90s   Hot: 95

2019-04-06 20:21

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