Joined since: 2016-6-25 Last play: 2019-11-10 Played: 1 days 12:18

Gender: BoyAge: 18Location: ???

Gold: 26347 Income: 4400 Charts been played: 7 days 09:15

Stable charts: 0 Unstable charts: 12


Exp.520820 Playcount:682

Acc.96.78% Combo:4772


Exp.43971 Playcount:108

Acc.98.33% Combo:1367


Exp.37 Playcount:1

Acc.73.07% Combo:49


Exp.428 Playcount:5

Acc.95.29% Combo:257


Exp.164 Playcount:3

Acc.77.47% Combo:459


Exp.6993 Playcount:18

Acc.96.45% Combo:1157

Welcome to My Profile

Self Introduction

I'm a Chinese senior student.If you have any in game questions. you can communicate with me in the following way.


Q:How long have you play this game?

A:As you see,joind in 2016.But the true time I started to play it is June,2017.

Q:How to become as strong as you?

A:Honestly I am not so good. Players like 2nu,XingRen,ruochen,Midoisuki,etc. are both stronger than me. And the secret ingredient to become stronger and stronger is practice and practice.

Q:Why your ranking is so low?

A:I am a student.I don't have so much time to play Malody. Obviously my ranking is not so high.

Q:Will you quit this game?

Maybe until my die. lol.

But seriously,I am going to leave for some time because of the NMET,which is a vital examination in China. It's so important that I have to prepare for it for a long time. So maybe you will not see me in the next year. But after the exam,I will make a comeback!



Bilibili:超渣的ForeverClick This!



MKWC 3nd place!

Gott - 4K INFINITE Lv.30

Score: 3621389   Combo: 885   Acc. :96.21%   Judge :E

2 days

GLORY:ROAD - 4K Future Lv.31

Score: 4698006   Combo: 2137   Acc. :98.78%   Judge :E

2 days

True Blue - 4K Azure Lv.26

Score: 3279537   Combo: 1669   Acc. :98.56%   Judge :E

3 days

Gou Zhi Qi Shi - 4K Hard Lv.21

Score: 3060200   Combo: 1554   Acc. :100%   Judge :D

3 days

EmbryO - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.30

Score: 3530814   Combo: 1277   Acc. :95.64%   Judge :E

3 days

Alice in Misanthrope -Ensei Alice- - 4K Another Lv.28

Score: 4354242   Combo: 1426   Acc. :97.49%   Judge :E

3 days

EmbryO - 4K EXHAUST Lv.26

Score: 3130015   Combo: 1575   Acc. :97.26%   Judge :E

3 days

Mare Nectaris - 4K Another Lv.31

Score: 2727692   Combo: 1125   Acc. :99.72%   Judge :B

10 days

Kick To The Sky - 4K Insane Lv.31

Score: 4724208   Combo: 2242   Acc. :96.74%   Judge :E

10 days

Fastest Crash - 4K Another Lv.30

Score: 5029910   Combo: 1579   Acc. :96.20%   Judge :E

10 days

Arousing - 4K Exhausted Lv.26

Length: 114s   Hot: 2

2019-10-12 19:22

Arousing - 4K Normal Lv.17

Length: 114s   Hot: 17

2019-10-01 21:44

Arousing - 4K Easy Lv.8

Length: 115s   Hot: 4

2019-10-01 21:01

Harajuku lyahoi(Short Ver.) - 4K Party!!!(SV Ver.) Lv.19

Length: 120s   Hot: 664

2019-08-04 18:23

Fuyuujou-Living City#E6BBAD- - 4K Promotion Lv.29

Length: 124s   Hot: 45

2019-07-31 22:48

Frey's Philosophy - 4K Break of Clock Lv.25

Length: 134s   Hot: 578

2019-06-01 09:55

Taketori Flight~Lunatic Princess - 4K Hardest Lv.24

Length: 160s   Hot: 1074

2019-03-01 08:11

Blue Zenith - 4K Four Dimensions Lv.34

Length: 253s   Hot: 57

2019-01-20 20:46

Stasis - 4K Master Lv.28

Length: 153s   Hot: 1169

2018-11-01 00:07

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