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No longer Publisher.

QQ Number : 2509010154

QQ Key Mapping Group: 963746857

Discord Key Mapping Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/kGPaEBw

Some key stable rules(中文版向下)

If your submitted chart is rejected, Please check the following reason.


  • You need to submit a cover for a new song in the website.
  • You should completely fill the Metadata in the website. If the Artist or Title is not English, You need to fill the romanized title/artist.
  • The song should be >=60s. The song which is shorter than 60s can't be stabled.

Chart version name

  • A correct example: 4K Example Lv.1
  • Please add the key account of your chart and then followed by Big Letter 'K' which stands for key.
  • The chart version name shouldn't include Chinese character, Kana ,Kanji or other language. Half-width character is only supported.
  • The Level should be added like "Lv.xx" , which follows the stabled chart's level system. If you can't confirm how difficult it is, please skip.
  • If your chart is for thumb players, You can add "for mobile" at the end of your chart version name.

In-game Settings

  • BPM and Offset should be the same as the automatic measurement value, or the offset should <=2ms.
  • BPM changes is not allowed to use if you are making a BPM-constant song. SV is not allowed.
  • The uncertain rate of BPM should be 0.00. If there's not, check if there is BPM changes in the song or you need to change audio source.
  • The audio file should be .ogg and the Background file should be .jpg.
  • The Title and Artist in game should be romanized.
  • The Background file shouldn't be too large or too small.
  • You can fill the "Creator" blank freely. But there shouldn't be Chinese Characters / Japanese etc.

Chart Settings

  • If you are making an key-sound chart, Please make sure that all your key sound can be played correctly.
  • The difficulty of the chart should be <=Lv.33. Too difficult charts are not welcomed.
  • The time distance of each two notes in one row shouldn't be <=30ms, which will cause problem when playing.
  • There should be a chart <=lv.10 in your song which also request for stable or it's already stabled.




  • 请前往官网上传一个相关的并且合适的封面。
  • 请完整填写谱面信息。如果歌曲的标题或艺术家不是英语的,请在Romanized Artist/Title栏填入罗马音。
  • 歌曲长度需要不低于60s,以保证玩家有良好的游玩体验。


  • 正确示例: 4K Example Lv.1
  • 请在谱面名称最前面标注好键数。K要大写。
  • 谱面名称中不应包含汉字、假名、特殊字符等非半宽文字。
  • 如果能够确定谱面难度的话,在谱面名称后应标注 "Lv.xx" 表示谱面难度。否则请向审核者咨询谱面难度。
  • 如果是拇指谱的话,可以在谱面名称结尾标注"for mobile"。示例: 4K EZ for mobile Lv.3


  • 通常情况下 BPM 与 Offset 建议和自动测量值保持一致 , 如遇特殊情况,请保证误差不超过2ms。
  • BPM恒定的曲子不允许插入多个BPM点。通过修改BPM而变速的谱面不予审核。
  • 谱面BPM不确定值应为 0.00. 否则,请检查该歌曲BPM是否恒定,或更换更好的音源。
  • 歌曲格式应为 .ogg ,背景图片格式应为 .jpg.
  • 在游戏内应填写罗马音化标题/艺术家而非原语言标题/艺术家。
  • 背景图片大小应适宜。
  • 你可以自由地填写创作者,但请保证不要出现特殊字符。


  • 做Key音谱请保证你的每个note对应一个Key音且所有Key音能够正常播放。
  • 谱面难度不应大于Lv.33。过高难度的谱面将不予受理。
  • 谱面中两个同轨道note的间距不应大于30ms。
  • 投稿时请顺便投稿一个底难度,或者是你投稿的歌曲已经有了一个底难度。

Checking List

The mapper whose chart have been "IN VIEW", please contact me via QQ or E-mail to [email protected] .

Ready for Stable

  • None.

In Review

Links On Mapping

Editor Manual Well if you are not famalliar with the Editor..

NoteArt It's the former generation Malody Editor which has been elimated.

Submitting a Chart See this before submitting!

How to stable your Chart MUST READ before you want to stable your map.

Chart level reference As the title, it's just a reference hehe. ->Level Check Publisher

Malody Publisher&Assistant Team Use this list to see who you can ask for help..

About Tags Well it's xipigu's profile.

Maps Counter

Hujinn Raijinn - 6K Another Lv.26

Score: 1848047   Combo: 425   Acc. :95.46%   Judge :D

11 days

Hollywood Galaxy - 4K SPECIAL Lv.26

Score: 2350570   Combo: 574   Acc. :96.47%   Judge :D

11 days

Imaginary World - 4K MASTER Lv.25

Score: 2933810   Combo: 782   Acc. :98.25%   Judge :D

11 days

Megalara Garuda - 4K Spy's Extreme Lv.27

Score: 2757561   Combo: 687   Acc. :96.93%   Judge :D

11 days

Megalara Garuda - 4K Extreme Lv.28

Score: 2101523   Combo: 697   Acc. :93.37%   Judge :D

11 days

Homeneko sensation - 8K Lv.10

Score: 2071084   Combo: 226   Acc. :95.42%   Judge :D

11 days

Isetsu Higanbana Daiichi -Gensho no Amaryllis- - 6K Kuukyogishin ~Akabeni~ Lv.25

Score: 2203313   Combo: 674   Acc. :96.28%   Judge :C

11 days

Hikari Sasu Mio no Yuzuriha - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.28

Score: 2794791   Combo: 989   Acc. :98.42%   Judge :C

11 days

R.I.P. - 4K Another Lv.26

Score: 2693773   Combo: 1028   Acc. :98.63%   Judge :C

11 days

Flashdance - Hard Lv.13

Score: 807512   Combo: 398   Acc. :95.48%   Judge :C

11 days

Deep Dream Dominator - Hard Lv.22

Length: 67s   Hot: 2

2019-01-19 18:05

Deep Dream Dominator - Easy Lv.5

Length: 114s   Hot: 2

2019-01-19 12:43

Deep Dream Dominator - Normal Lv.12

Length: 114s   Hot: 5

2019-01-19 12:37

Eclipse Zero - Rain

Length: 107s   Hot: 2

2019-01-19 10:43

Reinvent - 4K Past Lv.7

Length: 145s   Hot: 802

2019-01-14 16:59

NINJA IS DEAD IIDX ver. - 4K Hyper Lv.19

Length: 113s   Hot: 833

2019-01-11 17:07

Claiomh Solais - 4K Hard Lv.23

Length: 145s   Hot: 1

2019-01-05 10:39

Destr0yer - Platter Lv.12

Length: 178s   Hot: 227

2019-01-01 00:06

Claiomh Solais - 4K Easy Lv.8

Length: 130s   Hot: 0

2018-12-26 12:16

Claiomh Solais - 4K Normal Lv.17

Length: 130s   Hot: 0

2018-12-25 12:27

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