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Gender: BoyAge: 15Location: Indonesia

Gold: 68676 Income: 15951 Charts been played: 43 days 10:36

Stable charts: 11 Unstable charts: 35


Exp.485540 Playcount:1061

Acc.96.55% Combo:3276


Exp.4269 Playcount:17

Acc.97.99% Combo:491


Exp.1418 Playcount:15

Acc.95.15% Combo:295


Exp.65 Playcount:1

Acc.71.45% Combo:221

Self introduction

Hi, I'm Slavyan a key chart creator from Indonesia. If you have any feedback on my charts or need any help, you can send message to me or DM-ing me on the Discord. I started playing this game since 2016, start making a chart since 2017.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V, Android 4.4.4. | Sades SA-919 Headset

Current status: School. Bye bye.

Old userpage uwu (rip dat english and acc)

My charts


Song IDArtistTitleEZNMHDMX
s3515fourfoliumSTEP by STEP UP↑↑↑↑Lv.7Lv.11Lv.18-


Planning to get stable and need further checking by Publisher. But there are some that are still alpha, hehe.

Song IDArtistTitleEZNMHDMX
s2835fhána青空のラプソディLv.6Lv.14Lv.19 [ALPHA]-
s4956みきとP feat.松下クノイチでも恋賀したいLv.8Lv. 13Lv.20Lv.24
s3176ぺのれりPreserved ValkyriaLv.9Lv.18Lv.26Lv.30 [by mutoene]


Need to be checked by Assistant. There are still some unfinished charts, I'll finish it later.

Song IDArtistTitleEZNMHDMXAdditional
s5036チト(CV:水瀨いのり)、ユーリ(CV:久保ユリカ)More One Night--Lv.20--
s567P*lightPoppin' ShowerLv.9 [by DJMAXRE]Lv.20Lv.27--
s6760PSYQUIYour voice so... feat.SuchLv.9 [by C42M4X]Lv.19Lv.17 [by C42M4X]Lv. 28-


If you want me to mod your chart, please contact me.

Discord: Slavyan#2044

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @sl_avyan

Mappers that I like


Ziel (the first assistant that checked my charts uwu)







reunion <Platinum Long Version> - 4K Another Lv.27

Score: 3040865   Combo: 1231   Acc. :96.58%   Judge :E

2 days

LANCE - 4K Another Lv.23

Score: 2488007   Combo: 587   Acc. :96.11%   Judge :E

2 days

Bright Burning Shout - 4K EXTRA Last Encore Lv.20

Score: 1668073   Combo: 732   Acc. :96.73%   Judge :E

2 days

Love Blood - 4K Another Lv.13

Score: 1342657   Combo: 554   Acc. :96.67%   Judge :E

2 days

Symphonic Love - 4K Another Lv.18

Score: 1946395   Combo: 744   Acc. :96.34%   Judge :E

23 days

Crystalia - 4K Illumination Lv.25

Score: 2620750   Combo: 1306   Acc. :96.66%   Judge :E

23 days

Last Resort - 4K ADVANCED Lv.19

Score: 2668317   Combo: 882   Acc. :97.94%   Judge :E

1 month

Music is The Answer - 4K Another Lv.18

Score: 2284200   Combo: 1011   Acc. :98.82%   Judge :E

2 months

Hollywood Galaxy - 4K MEDIUM Lv.14

Score: 1117974   Combo: 869   Acc. :99.36%   Judge :E

2 months

BroGamer - 4K Normal Lv.9

Score: 1622670   Combo: 844   Acc. :99.59%   Judge :E

2 months

Hype - 4K Core Lv.29

Length: 290s   Hot: 4

2018-09-24 20:11

Your voice so... feat.Such - 4K Present Lv.22

Length: 219s   Hot: 364

2018-09-02 18:34

Routing - 4K Another Lv.28

Length: 19s   Hot: 38

2018-08-20 22:23

Your voice so... feat.Such - 4K Core Lv.28

Length: 251s   Hot: 919

2018-08-15 18:07

Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai - 4K EXHAUST Lv.24

Length: 44s   Hot: 83

2018-07-14 23:59

Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai - 4K ADVANCED Lv.20

Length: 64s   Hot: 24

2018-07-14 23:40

Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai - 4K NOVICE Lv.13

Length: 40s   Hot: 7

2018-07-14 23:28

archive::zip - 4K EXHAUST Lv.26

Length: 50s   Hot: 113

2018-07-07 09:16

Masakari Blade - 4K EXHAUST Lv.25

Length: 113s   Hot: 2584

2018-07-05 23:24

Masakari Blade - 4K NOVICE Lv.9

Length: 113s   Hot: 487

2018-07-02 20:05

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