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Joined since: 2016-10-8 Last play: 2018-1-22 Played: 3:41:22

Gender: BoyAge: 17Location: Hong Kong

Gold: 10466 Income: 3800 Charts been played: 46:37:39

Stable charts: 14 Unstable charts: 25


Exp.2382 Playcount:23

Acc.86.36% Combo:346


Exp.272 Playcount:2

Acc.94.95% Combo:227


Exp.19779 Playcount:93

Acc.95.39% Combo:863


Exp.90 Playcount:1

Acc.75.45% Combo:65

Hi, I am Zpm, a Hong Kong taiko mapper (and assistant.)

I have been mapping in Malody since 3.0 and I currently have 4 stabled maps (\o/)

Try those out if you have time!

Checking policy

If you send me a chart to check, I'll probably check it. But please if you can, give me a zip file or something outside the game. People need money to download charts now, and you giving me the zip file would help me from bankruptcy.

I am poor. I don't have money to do my job. Support me by doing the following steps!

After you have played a chart, click review.

There will be an option to support.

In this case, I donated 50 gold.

This will help me check more charts!

My Charts

Levels displayed are the difficulty of the hardest chart (i.e. most of the time Extreme.)


These are my charts that are stabled for people to play.

s2675 Lv.27 lapix - Carry Me Away

s3725 Lv.24 O2i3 - TSLove

s1308 Lv.23 nao - とある小国のお姫様が、 会ったこともない兄の家に やってきて住みついた事情。

s4759 Lv.19 GATALIS - グッドラック ライラック

Planning to get Stabled

These are the charts that I plan to stabilize, but they are still not that great to get stablized. (or waiting to get stablized)

s1304 Lv.26 EBICO - Persephone

s2425 Lv.24 SWAN K feat. Asuka M - LOVE B.B.B

s909 Lv.23 ヒゲドライバー join. shully & Nimo - パ→ピ→プ→Yeah!

Not For Stable

These charts have no plans to be stabled in the near future.


Links for convinence

Taiko AdminLuiCat
Taiko PublisherslaosibiniqiangFirce777xipigu
Taiko AssistantsDonrikokasnowsurvivorRalMe (Zpmzpm)
Respected Taiko PeoplenikkukunQuantom_Phyou_sBlake_SaligiaMyamsar
Other People

Hey-day capriccio - Extreme Lv.22

Score: 1533358   Combo: 585   Acc. :98.93%   Judge :E

6 hours

AsiaN distractive - Extreme Lv.22

Score: 1560343   Combo: 628   Acc. :98.29%   Judge :E

7 hours

This game - Extreme Lv.20

Score: 983226   Combo: 399   Acc. :97.99%   Judge :E

1 day

TSLove - Extreme Lv.24

Score: 1497899   Combo: 597   Acc. :97.37%   Judge :E

1 day

Veterok no kuuko ni kiyu - Extreme Lv.22

Score: 2112579   Combo: 863   Acc. :99.04%   Judge :E

4 days

Umarun Taisou - Extreme Lv.19

Score: 1014988   Combo: 393   Acc. :97.77%   Judge :E

16 days

Monosugoi Deco-truck de Patchouli ga Monosugoi Uta - Extreme Lv.24

Score: 1969426   Combo: 801   Acc. :97.91%   Judge :E

22 days

Life stream -Sacrifice- - Extreme Lv.26

Score: 2348610   Combo: 418   Acc. :96.33%   Judge :E

23 days

Illegal Function Call - Extreme Lv.33

Score: 1297425   Combo: 131   Acc. :77.86%   Judge :E

25 days

Good Luck Lilac - Extreme Lv.19

Score: 1110461   Combo: 461   Acc. :99.02%   Judge :E

1 month

Veterok no kuuko ni kiyu - Normal Lv.7

Length: 140s   Hot: 29

2018-01-18 00:29

Veterok no kuuko ni kiyu - Hard Lv.12

Length: 141s   Hot: 22

2018-01-18 00:29

Veterok no kuuko ni kiyu - Extreme Lv.22

Length: 140s   Hot: 201

2018-01-18 00:29

Pa Pi Pu Yeah! - Extreme Lv.23

Length: 105s   Hot: 25

2018-01-03 18:57

Worldwide RAVE-Attack!! - Extreme Lv.26

Length: 156s   Hot: 2

2017-12-29 22:08

Pa Pi Pu Yeah! - Hard Lv.14

Length: 105s   Hot: 0

2017-12-28 10:08

Pa Pi Pu Yeah! - Normal Lv.7

Length: 91s   Hot: 0

2017-12-28 10:04

Angelic Jelly - Extreme Lv.26

Length: 116s   Hot: 1

2017-12-17 12:05

Good Luck Lilac - Normal Lv.6

Length: 85s   Hot: 64

2017-12-14 23:47

Good Luck Lilac - Hard Lv.10

Length: 86s   Hot: 38

2017-12-14 23:47

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