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Joined since: 2017-1-3 Last play: 2018-11-8 Played: 1 days 1:18

Gender: BoyAge: 15Location: Australia

Gold: 114406 Income: 49399 Charts been played: 219 days 22:11

Stable charts: 63 Unstable charts: 3


Exp.339055 Playcount:890

Acc.94.98% Combo:1974


Exp.1394 Playcount:4

Acc.0% Combo:1188


Exp.3066 Playcount:16

Acc.95.11% Combo:424


Exp.5309 Playcount:59

Acc.93.51% Combo:354


Exp.9133 Playcount:45

Acc.93.61% Combo:847

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Hello. I'm Ziel.



Welcome to my profile.

Language: English

Checking Status: 「INACTIVE」

Please read the following before requesting:

I will check your chart without notifying you, and if I feel the chart is too below quality, I'll simply flag it as needing improvement. Only charts that I feel are close to Beta quality (or even stable) will receive a full mod.

I'm not your mapping teacher. I'm just here to provide feedback on good charts with potential. Sorry if this sounds rude, but I don't have the time and energy to comb through every chart.

Reminder that I cannot stable charts. I can only set them from Alpha to Beta, and then send them to a publisher to take a look at. Additionally, if your chart doesn't meet my standards, don't even bother going to see a publisher. My standards are rather low compared to theirs.

I will not check any charts that are above Lv.32, and any songs with a length above 2:40. I'm busy. Exceptions will be made depending on the person requesting - if I know your charts are of a good quality, I'll be more inclined to give it a look.

Spamming me to look at your chart will get you blacklisted so please try to avoid that. If I don't respond to you or flag your chart as requiring further modification after a week then you may send me another message. Anything more and I'll be a very unhappy man.

Don't respond to my criticism with anger. That's not going to help you. If I say the map is unfixable due to the amount of mistakes in it, don't take it personally. Be pleasant even when hearing things you don't want to hear.

You may send me a message on Discord or QQ (one or the other, please), but notify me through the website's messaging system before doing so. I don't accept friend requests from people I have no idea about. I will not be disclosing my QQ ID in public, so if you require my assistance, find me through the Malody group QQ.

Discord: Ziel#9497

WAIT! Before asking me to check, please read:

Guide to Stabling

Chart Level Reference

Malody Publisher&Assistant Team Member List

My sanity will thank you. A lot.

About Me

I'm a 15 year old rhythm gamer from Australia. Here are my personal goals:

10 Stable Charts [x]

20 Stable Charts [x]

30 Stable Charts [x]

40 Stable Charts [x]

50 Stable Charts [x] - 8/3/2018

75 Stable Charts [ ] - Will probably never get to this stage... ^^;

100 Stable Charts [ ]

Key Assistant [x] 20/7/2017

Key Publisher [ ]

Murdering Your Fingers [ ] - In progress. \(oDo)/

Let's all have fun on Malody! (◕‿◕✿)

Old charts of mine which I have no more intention to stable will be removed. Just a heads up.

My stabled charts:


Parousia Lv.8 - My first stable!

Parousia Lv.14

Parousia Lv.18

Through the Fire and Flames Lv.9

Masquerade Lv.9

Masquerade Lv.14

Masquerade Lv.20 - Recommended!

DRG Lv.7

DRG Lv.15

DRG Lv.23

Wicked Fate Lv.7

Wicked Fate Lv.15

Wicked Fate Lv.20

Marigold Lv.9

Air Lv.6

Air Lv.14

Air Lv.25

VitMaster Lv.2 - Very easy!

VitMaster Lv.13

VitMaster Lv.21

VitMaster Lv.25


PUPA Lv.14

PUPA Lv.22

PUPA Lv.29

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.7

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.14

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.23

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.30

Halloween Party Lv.9 - Spooky!

Halloween Party Lv.18

Halloween Party Lv.24

Kami-iro Awase Lv.7

Kami-iro Awase Lv.17

FIN4LE Lv.31





Piano Concerto No.1 "Scream" Lv.22 - Contest Runner-Up!

RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against- Lv.7

RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against- Lv.16

RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against- Lv.23

RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against- Lv.28

Spice Lv.4

Spice Lv.13

Spice Lv.18

Cloud 9 Lv.5

Cloud 9 Lv.17

Cloud 9 Lv.25

Last Resort Lv.4

Last Resort Lv.14

Last Resort Lv.19

Last Resort Lv.26

Last Resort Lv.33 - Challenging!

Made In Love Lv.6

Made In Love Lv.16


LegenD. Lv.3

LegenD. Lv.9

LegenD. Lv.16

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.5

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.14

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.21

trappola bewitching - 4K Mage's Insanity Lv.27

Score: 2691909   Combo: 1054   Acc. :94.16%   Judge :D

1 month

Made In Love - 4K LOVE Lv.16

Score: 1789315   Combo: 1542   Acc. :98.46%   Judge :D

1 month

Made In Love - 4K LIKE Lv.6

Score: 479872   Combo: 562   Acc. :99.59%   Judge :C

2 months

Ichido dake no Koi nara - 4K MX Lv.25

Score: 1793790   Combo: 1131   Acc. :95.71%   Judge :E

2 months

Last Resort - 4K EXHAUST Lv.26

Score: 3091691   Combo: 1367   Acc. :94.06%   Judge :D

2 months

Variance - 4K MEGA Lv.25

Score: 2882547   Combo: 1207   Acc. :98.65%   Judge :D

2 months

Last Resort - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.33

Score: 2032986   Combo: 191   Acc. :80.15%   Judge :C

3 months

Mission! Ken-Kou-Dai-Ichi - 4K Hataraku! Lv.22

Score: 2072429   Combo: 1243   Acc. :95.31%   Judge :E

3 months

Tokimeki Bunruigaku - 9K Lv.14

Score: 1000641   Combo: 901   Acc. :92.73%   Judge :E

3 months

I - 4K EXHAUST Lv.26

Score: 2468286   Combo: 1576   Acc. :97.44%   Judge :D

3 months


Length: 120s   Hot: 42

2018-10-07 22:57

Made In Love - 4K LOVE Lv.16

Length: 136s   Hot: 4509

2018-09-02 17:29

Made In Love - 4K LIKE Lv.6

Length: 136s   Hot: 584

2018-09-02 01:39

Last Resort - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.33

Length: 119s   Hot: 1038

2018-08-10 22:13

Last Resort - 4K EXHAUST Lv.26

Length: 119s   Hot: 1915

2018-08-10 21:33

Last Resort - 4K ADVANCED Lv.19

Length: 119s   Hot: 3984

2018-08-10 21:33

Last Resort - 4K NOVICE Lv.14

Length: 119s   Hot: 4168

2018-08-10 21:33

Last Resort - 4K BASIC Lv.4

Length: 119s   Hot: 359

2018-08-10 21:32

Cloud 9 - 4K EXHAUST Lv.25

Length: 100s   Hot: 3482

2018-07-01 16:03

Cloud 9 - 4K ADVANCED Lv.17

Length: 115s   Hot: 5246

2018-06-28 17:43

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