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Joined since: 2017-1-3 Last play: 2017-9-22 Played: 15:23:47

Gender: BoyAge: 14Location: Australia

Gold: 61453 Income: 15300 Charts been played: 488:24:34

Stable charts: 35 Unstable charts: 30


Exp.215292 Playcount:628

Acc.94.45% Combo:1974


Exp.1394 Playcount:4

Acc.0% Combo:1188


Exp.130 Playcount:1

Acc.95.36% Combo:129


Exp.4153 Playcount:48

Acc.93.28% Combo:354


Exp.5100 Playcount:27

Acc.93.65% Combo:826

Welcome to my profile!

I'm a relatively new mapper who's always looking to improve, so if you have any advice or feedback on my charts, please tell me!

I only map 4K and Ring mode! :D

(Still new to mapping Ring, please give feedback when possible! ^_^)


Checking Policy

Became assistant on 20/7/2017.

If required, come to me with charts and I will try to check them before sending them off to a publisher. Keep in mind I can't stable them directly.

Discord: Ziel.#9497

QQ: [Private, join Malody group to find me.]

And no, I won't search for charts by myself, you have to find me first. orz Please respect the fact that I don't like wasting my time looking through millions of mediocre maps just to find a good one.

1) Don't send me songs over 2:30.

2) When I'm modding, if you disagree with me, please do it in a civilised manner and give me an explanation.

3) Don't be too sensitive to harsh language; it's kinda hard for me to mod if you get upset.

4) If I don't respond in a week's time after your request, please message me again to remind me of modding.

5) For the maps that I don't think I can fix, I will encourage you to make a new chart instead with some changes. Please don't get angry over it.

6) Basic stable rules: BG image must be JPG, sound file must be OGG file, and chart name format should be "?K ????? Lv.??". (Fill in the ?s.) Need a cover? Go find one yourself.

7) I only mod 4K.

8) Charts over Lv.28 will be refused check.

9) I'm not a publisher! Don't ask for me to stable your charts, I can only beta them and send them to a publisher if I approve of your chart!

10) Please check...

This article on how to stable your charts.

This article to get the correct level of your chart.

And this article to see if you've found the correct assistant.

11) I AM NOT PERFECT. Don't expect me to find every single error in your chart and know how to fix it.

12) Don't feel like finishing a mapset? Have that one difficulty that needs finishing? Well, message me and I might consider making anything below Lv.10.

14) I already spend a lot of time on this game, please don't demand too much from me. I'm a student.

15) Think I'm too full of sh- I mean, crap? Think I'm too noob, and can't look at your GODLY charts?? HAHAHAHA, GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE THEN.

16) If you can't reach my standards, don't think about going to a publisher. At least improve your map first. As in, improve it A LOT.

17) Everything I point out will be a PROBLEM, not a SUGGESTION. Unless I say it's a suggestion or doesn't matter, you should change it.

18) Don't constantly pester the publisher team, they've got lives too.

19) Making a chart to have fun by yourself? Sure. Making a chart with 999 minijacks in a row? Sure. But if you do that, please don't send that chart to me. Serious charts only.

20) Make sure your chart is yours, or that you had permission to upload it.

21) Hey, where did #13 go?

Charts I've Modded

Peace Sign Lv.9 by MeemoGaming - 4K [STABLED]

STEP by STEP UP Lv.16 by ExterminateSlavyan - 4K [STABLED]




About Me

I'm a 14 year old rhythm gamer from Australia! Here are my personal goals:

Top 100 on Key [x]

Top 50 on Key [x] - 5/8/2017

10 Stable Charts [x]

20 Stable Charts [x]

30 Stable Charts [x]

40 Stable Charts [ ]

50 Stable Charts [ ]

Key Assistant [x]

Key Publisher [ ]

Ring Publisher [ ]

Let's all have fun on Malody! (◕‿◕✿)

Coming Soon...

Pure Ruby by SHIKI - Key

CENSORED!! by t+pazolite - Key

My stabled maps:


Parousia Lv.8 - My first stable!

Parousia Lv.14

Parousia Lv.18

Through the Fire and Flames Lv.9

Masquerade Lv.9

Masquerade Lv.14

Masquerade Lv.20 - Recommended!

DRG Lv.7

DRG Lv.15

DRG Lv.23

Wicked Fate Lv.7

Wicked Fate Lv.15

Wicked Fate Lv.20

Marigold Lv.9

Air Lv.6

Air Lv.14

Air Lv.25

VitMaster Lv.4 - Very easy!

VitMaster Lv.13

VitMaster Lv.22

VitMaster Lv.28


PUPA Lv.14

PUPA Lv.22

PUPA Lv.29

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.7

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.15

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.23

Dyscontrolled Galaxy Lv.30 - Challenging!


LegenD. Lv.3

LegenD. Lv.9

LegenD. Lv.16

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.6

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.16

Prismatic Lollipops Lv.25

Recommended mapsets and charts:


LegenD. Mapset by SneakySN

LegenD. Lv.10 - 4K

LegenD. Lv.17 - 4K

LegenD. Lv.28 - 4K

LegenD. Lv.36 - 4K

OVERSOUL Mapset by -[Apple]- and HXJ_Crafter [STABLED]





C18H27NO3 Mapset by SneakySN [STABLED]

C18H27NO3 Lv.10 - 4K

C18H27NO3 Lv.19 - 4K

C18H27NO3 Lv.29 - 4K


Megalara Garuda Lv.31 - 4K by SneakySN

Marigold Lv.26 - 4K by -[Apple]-

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.30

Score: 2052634   Combo: 295   Acc. :83.01%   Judge :D

4 days

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K ADVANCED Lv.15

Score: 1492103   Combo: 919   Acc. :98.19%   Judge :D

4 days

STEP by STEP UP - 4K Hard Lv.16

Score: 1203798   Combo: 939   Acc. :98.08%   Judge :D

4 days

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K EXHAUST Lv.23

Score: 2516111   Combo: 1568   Acc. :97.37%   Judge :D

6 days

Androgynos ver.A - 4K Master Lv.24

Score: 2677276   Combo: 1481   Acc. :98.59%   Judge :D

7 days

Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There -opening movie version- - 6K HD Lv.18

Score: 1224922   Combo: 424   Acc. :93.45%   Judge :D

9 days

Chronostasis - 4K Future Lv.28

Score: 2938592   Combo: 1362   Acc. :92.89%   Judge :D

10 days

Chronostasis - 4K Present Lv.19

Score: 1960263   Combo: 1150   Acc. :97.68%   Judge :D

12 days

Granat - 4K NM Lv.9

Score: 330533   Combo: 307   Acc. :97.73%   Judge :D

15 days

Far East Princess - 4K MX Lv.17

Score: 1586725   Combo: 785   Acc. :98.76%   Judge :D

18 days

Lune - 4K Moonlight Lv.26

Length: 112s   Hot: 18

2017-09-21 17:33

Peace Sign - 4K ADV Lv.23

Length: 89s   Hot: 87

2017-09-19 16:46

Peace Sign - 4K HD Lv.15

Length: 89s   Hot: 72

2017-09-19 16:43

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K ADVANCED Lv.15

Length: 128s   Hot: 166

2017-09-16 18:40

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K EXHAUST Lv.23

Length: 26s   Hot: 355

2017-09-16 18:40

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K MAXIMUM Lv.30

Length: 128s   Hot: 270

2017-09-16 18:40

Dyscontrolled Galaxy - 4K NOVICE Lv.7

Length: 124s   Hot: 47

2017-09-16 18:40

Kami-iro Awase - 4K Despair Lv.17

Length: 88s   Hot: 9

2017-09-13 16:20

Kami-iro Awase - 4K Hope Lv.7

Length: 87s   Hot: 0

2017-09-12 17:16

Parousia - 4K Apocalypse Lv.24

Length: 126s   Hot: 62

2017-08-28 17:36

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