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Exp.38343 Playcount:158

Acc.88.70% Combo:910


Exp.174 Playcount:1

Acc.89.86% Combo:142


Exp.159835 Playcount:424

Acc.96.85% Combo:1162


Exp.1125 Playcount:4

Acc.96.62% Combo:572

Self Introduction

I'm a taiko mapper who is also one of the developers of Malody. I spent my spare time in creating taiko charts and improving Malody, although I am much too lazy in finishing these jobs. Please blame me if there is something inconvenient while playing Malody. Ask me if you are unsure about game mechanics and anything seems to be buggy about taiko mode.

My Mapping Principle

Respect the song. Both rhythmic and structural elements matters.

Benefit from experience in Taiko no Tatsujin gameplays and learn from the chart.

Make sure that every segment of the chart can be always well explained, especially giving continuity of structure and smooth note combinations to the chart.

Try to let the chart easy to understand, or interest to play, or meaningful for improving skills.

Something Important...

Please appreciate woc2006's hard work. Compared to my negligible contribution, he has put his full effort into Malody, taking almost all the responsibilities.

Please respect Howard_Y(aka laosibiniqiang). We are now lacking high-quality mappers, as well as ones who are willing to contribute to the circle of taiko mappers. Howard_Y is essentially the diligent one who helped us in establishing high-quality charts, improving our understanding of taiko charts, being ultra-active in doing publisher's job and constructed several competition rules that we are still using after several years.

Join us and become a good mapper! We are willing to give and accept suggestions if you are willing to accept Malody's value.


Chrome extension for a better view of personal chart page: Marlo Enchanted

Taiko mode .mc to .tja format converter: mc2tja (source code)

Taiko Chart Level Reference

Venomous Firefly - Extreme Lv.30

Score: 1900469   Combo: 411   Acc. :93.60%   Judge :E

6 days

Rude Buster - Lancer Lv.24

Score: 1193524   Combo: 474   Acc. :99.26%   Judge :E

3 months

Rengoku no ELFERIA - Extreme Lv.30

Score: 2146064   Combo: 322   Acc. :94.59%   Judge :E

5 months

2 MINUTES FIGHTERS - Extreme Lv.30

Score: 2380888   Combo: 584   Acc. :98.32%   Judge :E

5 months

Departure Road - Platter Lv.11

Score: 873432   Combo: 142   Acc. :89.86%   Judge :E

5 months

Dream Coaster - Extreme Lv.24

Score: 2431890   Combo: 899   Acc. :98.21%   Judge :E

7 months

PUPA - Extreme Lv.28

Score: 2357862   Combo: 919   Acc. :98.31%   Judge :E

7 months

Life stream -Sacrifice- - Extreme Lv.26

Score: 2654448   Combo: 649   Acc. :98.76%   Judge :E

8 months

Hoozuki Teidoniha Akai Touhatsu - Ura Oni Lv.25

Score: 2655052   Combo: 458   Acc. :98.18%   Judge :E

8 months

Nigra Ludia - Ura Oni Lv.26

Score: 1873912   Combo: 366   Acc. :96.78%   Judge :E

8 months

ECHIDNA - Hard Lv.16

Length: 114s   Hot: 0

2019-02-22 06:38

ECHIDNA - Normal Lv.7

Length: 114s   Hot: 0

2019-02-22 06:38

ECHIDNA - Extreme Lv.26

Length: 117s   Hot: 13

2019-02-20 04:34

ReviXy - Easy Lv.4

Length: 155s   Hot: 44

2019-02-19 10:35

ReviXy - Normal Lv.9

Length: 155s   Hot: 68

2019-02-19 10:34

ReviXy - Hard Lv.19

Length: 155s   Hot: 46

2019-02-19 10:34

ReviXy - Extreme Lv.27

Length: 155s   Hot: 1579

2019-02-19 10:34

Gensokyo no Futatsuiwa - Normal Lv.9

Length: 129s   Hot: 163

2019-02-04 15:41

Gensokyo no Futatsuiwa - Hard Lv.15

Length: 130s   Hot: 23

2019-02-04 15:41

Gensokyo no Futatsuiwa - Extreme Lv.25

Length: 130s   Hot: 372

2019-02-04 15:41

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