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Gender: BoyAge: 17Location: Indonesia

Gold: 62458 Charts been played: 0:13:14

Stable charts: 0 Unstable charts: 0


Exp.60392 Playcount:241

Acc.95.35% Combo:1410


Exp.415140 Playcount:1050

Acc.99.21% Combo:1749


Exp.666 Playcount:14

Acc.84.41% Combo:366


Exp.32280 Playcount:282

Acc.96.09% Combo:333


Exp.286738 Playcount:909

Acc.97.79% Combo:1174


Exp.10652 Playcount:42

Acc.97.21% Combo:1062

When i can buy a new phone....

About me

Hello~ I'm Kurenia maybe before you know me as MikuruAikawa and umm... Actually I do not know what to say XD

Well My Main Mode is Ring and Catch, Sometime i playing key mode on PC but only for low lvl

I Playing Malody since 2017 and my first favorit mode is Taiko,but i stop playing Taiko cause im so noob ;-;)


Ring : Thumb

Catch : 1 Finger Only and Always use Hide mod

Key : PC only (cause my phone not support multi touch)

Respected player

1RuruGod Player Catch mode with one finger only
2Zero__windMaster on Ring also she motivate me to play Ring
3DonrikokaGod Player Ring
4RyotaMaster Ring and My Good Friend

Respected Mapper

1Zero__WindShe always make high quality chart in any mode
2RentarouI love when he use good/cute song on evil chart
3YakumoChenGood Mapping Style
5KuromuTrust me, sometime he make a good chart... sometime........


Facebook : Rahmax Firmansyah

Discord : Kurenia#3239

QQ : 2111211668 (Thanks to yuziyuan for the Qq account)


Feel Free to add me,but if you wanna mutual friend please chat me in game <3

I love maple <3

EmbryO - Overdose Lv.18

Score: 2620728   Combo: 1200   Acc. :98.23%   Judge :E

5 hours

Hitoribocchi no Monologue - Platter Lv.10

Score: 608720   Combo: 412   Acc. :100%   Judge :A

1 day

Call Me Maybe (Nightcore Mix) - CTBoxer's Rain Lv.13

Score: 1513267   Combo: 644   Acc. :99.69%   Judge :E

1 day

YOLO (You Only Live Once) - Rain+ Lv.15

Score: 2364952   Combo: 1158   Acc. :99.67%   Judge :E

1 day

Kyuukyoku Unbalance! - Hard Lv.10

Score: 662680   Combo: 254   Acc. :96.95%   Judge :E

1 day

Marisa wa Taihen na Mono wo Nusunde Ikimashita - Hard Lv.16

Score: 845189   Combo: 672   Acc. :96.75%   Judge :C

2 days

Sorairo no Kanata de - Hard Lv.13

Score: 612605   Combo: 541   Acc. :98.02%   Judge :C

2 days

one's future - Hard Lv.15

Score: 591946   Combo: 164   Acc. :93.94%   Judge :C

2 days

Hitoribocchi no Monologue - Rain Lv.14

Score: 1155709   Combo: 484   Acc. :98.63%   Judge :E

2 days

Eroiko - Hard Lv.13

Score: 1176375   Combo: 1062   Acc. :99.05%   Judge :C

2 days

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