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自我介绍|Self Introduction


Hello, I'm David_Exmachina.


Bonjour, je suis David_Exmachina.

Hallo, ich bin David_Exmachina.

Привет, я David_Exmachina.


I'm a Taikojiro chart writter, and I've written more than 50 Taikojiro charts.


I sometimes play taiko on Malody, but I seldom play other modes.

我的谱面在哪里?|Where are my charts?


Because of some reasons, I have no intentions to upload my charts on Malody.


So you can only play the charts that I wrote for "The Taikojiro Mapping contest"(And they aren't even stable). QAQ


If you want to play my charts, you can download Taikojiro or something similar and click here.(CODE: 9xnh)


I upload my charts on Bilibili, Sina Microblog and Baidu Post Bar.


You can search "David_Exmachina" on these websites to see my charts.

我的谱面怎样?|How are my charts?


I think my charts are neither excellent nor bad.


And I don't know how well my chart should be to be stablized.


What's worse, if I don't have my charts stablized, the charts I can upload is limited.


So that's one of the reasons why I don't upload my charts on Malody.


I usually choose my favorite music for my charts.


And most of them aren't famous, even for rhythm game players.


My charts are difficult, I don't know whether that's why my charts aren't excellent.

你能说六国语言吗?|Can you speak six languages?


Though I greeted in 6 languages at the beginning,


No, I can't speak French, German and Russian, and I can't speak Japanese well.


Non, je ne parle pas français.

Nein, Ich kann Deutsch nicht sprechen.

Нет, я не говорю на русском языке.


I'm just interested in languages.

我还会做什么?|What else do I do?


Not only do I write charts, but I also publish some weird stuff on the Internet, such as my game.


You can see more details on the 3 websites above.

Eira - Extreme Lv.24

Score: 1506785   Combo: 263   Acc. :93.93%   Judge :E

1 year

Imprinting - Normal Lv.6

Score: 642393   Combo: 245   Acc. :98.67%   Judge :E

1 year

Imprinting - Hard Lv.13

Score: 1118286   Combo: 435   Acc. :97.64%   Judge :E

1 year

GOODRAGE - Hard Lv.20

Score: 1481399   Combo: 613   Acc. :98.29%   Judge :E

1 year

Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6- - Hard Lv.18

Score: 1286787   Combo: 510   Acc. :98.43%   Judge :E

1 year

Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6- - Normal Lv.8

Score: 792152   Combo: 314   Acc. :98.96%   Judge :E

1 year

Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6- - Easy Lv.3

Score: 459954   Combo: 172   Acc. :98.11%   Judge :E

1 year

R.I.P. - Extreme Lv.23

Score: 1635578   Combo: 323   Acc. :94.53%   Judge :E

1 year

R.I.P. - Normal Lv.7

Score: 752854   Combo: 300   Acc. :97.25%   Judge :E

1 year

Destr0yer - Normal Lv.7

Score: 740775   Combo: 283   Acc. :97.88%   Judge :E

1 year

Super Izanagi Object - Extreme-1F Lv.23

Length: 122s   Hot: 3

2020-02-24 18:24

Sestea - Extreme Lv.23

Length: 113s   Hot: 1

2020-02-08 14:45

Amenohoakari - Extreme Lv.24

Length: 134s   Hot: 70

2019-08-19 18:41

Treachery - Extreme-1E Lv.22

Length: 117s   Hot: 77

2019-08-19 02:50

Ai Nov - Extreme Lv.26

Length: 125s   Hot: 59

2019-02-16 19:18

Mukiryoku Coup D'etat - Extreme-2E Lv.22

Length: 94s   Hot: 32

2019-02-01 12:03

THE MISSING WORLD - Extreme-3B Lv.22

Length: 92s   Hot: 133

2018-08-24 17:33

Lividi - Extreme Lv.22

Length: 120s   Hot: 67

2018-08-24 17:26

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