Mili - Nine Point Eight

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Calla lily, carnation, daisy

Silently chase away your worries

Chrysanthemum, kalanchoe

Become your shield whenever you fall asleep

I cried out

Please don’t leave me behind, leave me behind

So you held me tight

And said I will be just fine, I will be just fine, I will be just fine

Petals dance for our valediction

And synchronize to your frozen pulsation

Take me to where your soul may live in peace

Final destination

Touch of your skin sympathetically brushed against

The shoulders you used to embrace

Sparkling ashes drift along your flames

And softly merge into the sky

Look now

I’m on the top of your world, top of your world

My darling

Here I come, I yell

And take a leap to Hell

Swirling wind sings for our reunion

And nine point eight is my acceleration

Take me to where our souls may live in peace

Our brand new commencement

Touch of your lips compassionately pressed against

The skull that you used to cherish

Delicate flesh decomposes off my rotten bones

And softly merge into the sky


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