HyuN feat. YURI - Disorder

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Tags: English Female vocal

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Compose : HyuN

Vocal : YURI

Lyrics : HyuN

BPM: 193


The moment the two stars overlapped, I disappeared.

(두개의 별이 겹친 순간 나는 사라졌어.)


after swallowing the pain, towards the path I must not take.

(슬픔을 삼킨 뒤, 떠나선 안될 길을 향해서.)


When I lose myself and wander,

(스스로를 잃어버린채 방황하고 있을땐)


I would be looking for you who would be out of existence.

(존재하지 않는 널 찾고 있겠지.)





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