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`Map with animation

`Movable sptites


UIS Animation is a part of UIS, any qustions about UIS, refer to the UIS Manual.

According to the UIS Manual, animation is a series of descriptions of motions defined IN ADVANCE, which could be quoted in sprites.

A description of motion should be started with:(colon), each kind of motion status should be descripted within one single line, started from the second line.Sprites quote the descriptions of motions with 'motion'. For instance






In which there is only one single line of motion status in one motion group, an abbreviated method is allowed to write in the place of motion property, only need a !(exclamation mark) behind 'motion='. For instance




`The length of motion group's name may not exceed 40 characters.

`One motion per line. There's no need of semicolon to end the line.

`Only English characters and numbers allowed.

UIS supports group definition of motion group's name. For instance:


Square bracket after sprite's name after a dash means there are three sprites defined together: test-1, test-2 and test-3. They have same properties.

Different sprites could share one motion description, group definition is not necessary in most situations.

Motion Definition

Each line of motion definition contains at least two properties: 'name' and 'time', different properties are separated by ','(comma). First property should be 'name', other properties could be placed in any order.

Properties are composed of property name and property value, connected by '='(equal sign), more than one property values should be written in '()' (braparentheses). For instance:





UIS support follow property name:


Four situations determined by property name

`One single number

`Two numbers

`Four numbers

`Six-digit color number starting with '#'(pound)

Detailed situations are listed below.

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