How to upload tja/tjaのアップロード方法

Here is the basic method of uploading Taiko charts made in the .tja format.

① The tja format

When uploading a tja file to Malody, there are some things that need to be aware of.

ARTIST: The artist of the song.

COVER: The cover image of the chart. It must be in the same folder with the tja file.

AUTHOR: The person who made the chart. It can be your Malody username or you other aliases.

TITLE: The title of the song.

The difficulty settings also need to be set.

COURSE: The difficulty spread of the song. It it used to group easier charts to harder charts.

LEVEL: The level of the difficulty within its course.

Both of the above settings can corresponded from the authentic Taiko game. For more information, you can visit nikkukun's profile page.

② Uploading the tja charts

In the current version of Malody (4.1.1), you can not edit or upload tja files.

However, there is a special version of Malody that can upload tja files.

You can send a message to any Publishers or Assistants, and they can give you the download link.

After downloading the special Malody (malody_tja.exe), put it in the same folder with normal Malody.

Next, import the charts you want to upload into Malody.

When importing, put the following files in one folder and put it in the beatmap folder.

  • tja file
  • Music file (ogg, do not exceed 192 kbps)
  • Cover image

Then, start malody_tja.exe.

Please make sure that the level difficulty and course is correct, and whether the score can be played normally.

After confirming, select OPTION, and then Edit this chart to open the editor screen.

There will be a reminder that you can't edit non-mc files, just ignore it for now.

When you are in the screen, press U to open up the uploading interface.

Next, press the upload button and wait for the upload to finish.

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