The 3rd Marlo Cup Mapping Contest(Key)

Current schedule


Course song

Notice for charters

After downloading course song, you can use In-game Editor or NoteArt to chart one of the three theme song.

When your chart is completed, you need to submit the chart file(.mc) to the organizers by any private way (see submission requirements)

Please do not let others know your chart before the results are published.

Competition Flow

stage 1: charting stage

Submitting Time : Feb 6th, 2017 20:00 to Feb 20th, 2017 20:00, UTC+8

Organizers will upload the course song,it will be a online chart,including music (.ogg) and the chart template (.mc) .

All the participant should download the course song and charting.

As soon as the charting has been finished, the chart file should be delivered to the staffs through any private way (read the submission details).

You may not share your map before the final result is released, otherwise you will be suspend from the contest.

Any chart which is not uploaded by publisher in the course song page will be removed untill the contest is end.

.mc files are usually in malody/beatmap/_song_xxxx,or you can export as msz and unzip it to get mc file.

stage 2: marking stage

Scoring Time : Feb 20th, 2017 20:00 to Feb 27th, 2017 20:00, UTC+8

During this stage, all the participants' works will be uploaded to the website anonymously with a unique ID number.

The low difficulty charts of the theme songs will be provided by the organizer during this stage.

Because of some technical reasons, the result will only be given out by the organizers.

Submission Method


You can join the malody discord group:malody and send your chart file (.mc) to xipigu#5554 to grab the eligibility for this mapping contest.


Alternatively, you can send your chart file(.mc or .txt) to the official e-mail ([email protected]) , with your Malody ID to grab the eligibility for the mapping contest.

Submission Details

After the release of the course songs, you can use the In-game Editor or NoteArt to chart.

The organizers only accept .mc files.

  • The chart's difficulty must be Lv.14-Lv.30.The key mount is limited to 4K,5K,6K,7K, or 8K. Too low or too high difficulty will be refused.

Marking Criteria

Every judge will give out one score.The last result will be the total score.


Spy Spy


All excellent charts in this contest will remain stabled. If charter upload additional easier charts to make the level spread friendlier, they will got some extra chart slots.(The amount of slot depends on your ranking)

The 1st charter will receive an prize with a value around $ 20(USD,itunes or amazon gift card) (depending on where the participant is located)

Everyone joined this contest can get special achievement and some gold(in malody) for rewards!


The purpose of the competition is "Communication First, Competition Second", any positive discussion of this contest is welcomed. The contest thread will be opened for all the members to post the recommendations and advices.

The right of the final decision is reserved by the committee of the contest (Malody Mapping Contest Committee).

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