Chart Promotion System

The newly introduced promotion system is a special place where the editor can display and promote their works by themselves. For each month, there will be 25 promotion tickets auctioned, of which allows an editor promote one of his/her own chart. The auction will be run by the following rules:

Bid entrance


About bid

1 On the first day of each month, the tickets for the NEXT are going to be auctioned.

2. The auction period will be last from the first day to the penultimate day of the month.

3. The amount is the additional to the previous bid but not new.

4. On the last day of each month, the final result will be announced at 8:00. The 20 winners will received the notification via PM.

5. The winners can put their chart onto the promotion ticket at any time in the next month. The promoted chart will be locked immediately ( cannot be modified, deleted) until the end of the month.

6. All the charts on promotion tickets will be removed at the end of the month. Player may remove the promoted chart manually before the expire date, the promotion ticket will be disabled as soon as the chart is removed.

7. The gold will be deducted as soon as a player bid. The player can check out the total amount that has been spent during auction.

8. System will only deduct the additional part of the bidding.

9. All the gold will be refunded to the player who fail to bid, no fee would be charged.

10. The bidding start at 1000 gold.

How to

When you have an unused promotion ticket, you can promote your own unstable chart by entering the editing page then clicking the Promotion Now button

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