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Chart Submission System

In Malody, all the stable charts are approved by publishers, see stable rules

Since version 4.1.5, the Chart Submission System will be involved, which serves the editors to submit the finished charts to publishers, and help them to track the progress of approval procedure.

How to use the system

As soon as a chart is uploaded, a message-box will ask the editor whether to submit the chart or not. A submission list will display all the charts that have been uploaded but not stable. Editors can select one of them and click submit button.

A notification about either the submitted chart is approved to stable or not will be sent to the editor in client, while the status of the chart will be updated at the same time.

  • Each editor may have up to 6 charts under the status of "submitted". The status will be advanced to "reviewing" if any of the publisher starts to review the chart. The status "reviewing" will not be count as "submitted" so that the editor can submit more chart.
  • The chart status may be changed to "rejected" if the publisher put forward an opinion that the submitted chart is not ready to stable. The reason of rejection will be commented to the chart by the publisher as well.
  • The rejected chart can be submitted again after the editor improves it. However, the number of rejection count will be recorded by the system.

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