The 5th Marlo Cup Mapping Contest(Ring)

Contest Schedule

Theme song


Search c37377 in game to download


Search c37406 in game to download

Competition Flow

Stage 1: Mapping

Mar 2nd, 2019 00:00 am ~ Mar 30th, 2019 00:00 am (GMT)

The theme songs will be published on the website by the organizer, including the music (.ogg) and the chart template (.mc) .

All the participant should download the theme song and mapping on the template.

As soon as the mapping has been finished, the chart file should be delivered to the staffs through any private way (read the submission details).

You can export your chart as mcz to grab the mc file.

You may not share your map before the final result is released, otherwise you will be suspend from the contest.

Stage 2: Marking

Mar 30th, 2019 ~ May 10th, 2019 00:00 (GMT)

During this stage, all the participants' works will be uploaded to the website anonymously with a unique ID number.

The low difficulty charts of the theme songs will be provided by the organizer during this stage.

The participants can mark the other's work during this stage (0 ~ 10) using an official marking sheet which will be provided. As soon as the marking is finished, the participant should submit this sheet to the organizer through a private way.

All the participant are responsible to mark the others' work, otherwise a punishment of suspending will be applied

Submission Details


You can join the malody discord group:malody and send your chart file (.mc) to HXJ_ConveX #0017 to grab the eligibility for this mapping contest.


Alternatively, you can send your chart file(.mc or .txt) to the official e-mail ([email protected]) , with your Malody ID to grab the eligibility for the mapping contest.


The eligibility for the mapping contest will be estimated by the organizer, that is, you may need to wait for several days after the submission. Furthermore, any inappropriate content in the submission files may lead a rejection.


All the participants should use Malody to do mapping, and submit the mc file.

The difficulty of your work should be HARD which has more than 300 notes.

Marking Criteria

All the participants should mark others' work from 0 to 10, decimal is allowed.

The marking sheet will be released during the Marking stage.

The marking result is computed as following:

Your grade = ( Sum grade from other participants + Average grade you have marked ) / ( Number of Participant )

The participant who cannot submit the complete marking sheet will be excluded from the contest.


The top grade will have a special Award!

The top mapper will be awarded an prize which is approx $20 USD (i.e., itunes or amazon gift card), depend on where the participant lives.

Everyone joined this contest can get some gold(in malody) for rewards!


The purpose of the competition is "Communication First, Competition Second", any positive discussion of this contest is welcomed. The contest thread will be opened for all the members to post the recommendations and advices.

The right of the final decision is reserved by the committee of the contest (Malody Mapping Contest Committee).

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