MKWC 2020 Seed Team Qualifier(Seed Competition)

Malody 4K World Cup Seed Team Qualifier

Event time: 2020-5-3 00:00 - 2020-6-15 00:00 (GMT)

Seed Team:Teams with higher overall strength. They will be divided into eight race areas to avoid premature encounters.

Registration Entrance:Malody 4K World Cup 2020 Registration


  • Play charts with Key mode, and try to earn your personal high-score on all of them.
  • The Event-Points, are calculated by all of your submitted scores, divided by the amount of notes on the specific charts. The sum of all of the 8 submitted event points, will be the final result.
  • Scores which have a 70% or lower accuracy, won't be counted to the event point.
  • Malody PC Players can use FAIR Mod in the multiplayer room and then send the results screenshots to the organizer's e-mail ([email protected].com ),we will manually register you so you can keep updating your scores until the end of the qualifer
  • Only the average scores of the top two in the team are calculated Teams with the top eight average points in the team will be qualified as seed teams.


Monster-4K SV Qualifier Lv.12

Search c67075 in game to download

Ski-4K Hard Lv.14

Search c56969 in game to download

End to end-4K ADVANCED Lv.18

Search c58848 in game to download

A Cruel Angel's Thesis-4K Descendant Lv.23

Search c58850 in game to download

UMMU-4K Another Lv.26

Search c58842 in game to download

Deublithick-4K Thicc Jacc Lv.30

Search c58844 in game to download

ZED-4K Expert Lv.34

Search c58839 in game to download

FUBUKI-4K reminiscent of you Lv.38

Search c58838 in game to download


Rank Player Score

Malody PC Event point (FAIR Mod)

RankIDTotal ScoreMonsterSkiEnd to endA Cruel Angel's ThesisUMMUDeublithickZEDFUBUKI

Refer to the chart for difficulty (Level 30 and above)

Chart in the World Cup mappool will not be more difficult than Lv.40

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