Malody is a music(or rhythm) game community, consists of a cross-platform game client, with a full-featured chart editor and also an online player ranking system. Malody provides a variety of customizable features, such as user interface, language option and so on. The game is developed by a group of dedicated volunteers and the charts are created by players from all around the world.

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Feature I

Rich game modes

KeyPress corresponding keys while falling notes reach the judge line

CatchMove catcher to catch the notes descending

PadHit the panel while notes glows

TaikoThe original Taiko as the name

RingEnjoy music with thumbs

SlideSlide, hold and more

Feature II


FlexibleAbility to change every elements in playfield

PerformanceHigh performance skin engine

Feature III

full-featured ingame editor

EfficientVisualized editing and browsing are implemented to minimize unnecessary works

PowerfulMultiple game-play modes editing support that is satisfied for all the preferences

ConvenientOnekey uploading and sharing within the community

Feature IV


FunPlay with any mod and any mode with 8 players together

FairUse the same judgement on all platforms and devices