Release log


  • New mode: Slide, comes with Multiplayer and Editor
  • Convinence shortcut for Editor, flip notes, auto save etc.
  • Supported selecting multiple notes on touchscreen in Editor
  • Supported editing original title and preview time in Editor
  • Improved performance on macOS
  • New FC effect for portrait mode

Version: 4.2.5

  • Collection, collect your favorite charts together.
  • FullCombo video for portrait mode playing.
  • Fair mod, use the same judge for all players in room.
  • Fixed audio missing when playing Taiko with Luck mod.
  • Some crashes fix.

Version: 4.2.0

  • MP: team mode
  • MP: private room mode
  • Display original judgement icon for Pad origin mod
  • Fixed hard to die with death mod
  • Highlight news icon when news come

Version: 4.1.5

  • Submission system, for more detail, see ingame news
  • Better chat display for multiplayer room
  • Support export chart to other Apps from game
  • Support touchbar on Macbook Pro
  • Support OpenSL on Android device, please try this if your device lags in playing
  • known crashes fix

Version: 4.1.3

  • Death mod
  • Display local ranking
  • Improved network performance
  • Supported custom key sounds for Taiko mode
  • Fixed Pad holds missing bug

Version: 4.1.0

  • Multiplayer. Enjoy 8 player matches of any mode, any mod, any chart format.
  • Malody runs 120fps on iPad pro 2017 ver.
  • Ring mode for iPad.
  • Support autoplay in edit testing play.
  • Friends list.
  • Greatly improved editor performance.
  • Fixed some sm charts parsing bugs.

Version: 4.0.7

  • Added some reaction of Marlo
  • UI adaption for devices screen ratio larger than 16:9
  • Fixed can't reload tja/sm charts issue
  • Known crashes fix

Version: 4.0.5

  • New grid display mode for song selection
  • Show estimated chart difficulty
  • Improved audio conversion speed on win/mac/android
  • Show tips if gold not enough
  • Fixed chatroom bugs
  • Fixed marlo turns black on iOS devices
  • Other performance improvement and bugs fix

Version: 4.0.0

  • Rewrite all UIs
  • Fix tons of bugs
  • Add s4448 and s4900 as ingame charts.

Version: 3.6.5

  • Support copy charts
  • Editor converts png to jpg automatically
  • Fix can't add or delete notes with scaled editor grid
  • Fix menu disappear issue
  • Fix can't input balloon number in editor
  • Fix playback speed bug of some videos

Version: 3.6.3

  • Shorter editor error tip display time.
  • Better Android tablet detection method.
  • Update Ring and Lovelive skin.
  • Support some of osu file background video.
  • Fix android skin bug.

Bugfix: 3.6.2

  • Update ring mode UI
  • Fix can't delete word in editbox
  • Fix can't import image in editor
  • Fix can't save ring speed setting
  • Fix timing miss after adding new BPM
  • Fix BPM list empty in editor

Version: 3.6.1

  • New mode: Ring
  • Editor supports Ring mode
  • Support force full screen width editor display, toggle from settings
  • Fix catch note missing bug introduced in 3.4
  • Fix random offset issue in some cases
  • Fix can't input any words in editbox bug of some Android phones.

Version: 3.5.2

  • Allows the touch area in UIS to overlap
  • Optimize chat room experience
  • Optimize the judge logic
  • Fix Taiko Flip / Luck mod display issues
  • Fix song cover setting not update issue
  • Fix some cases where key sound plays twice
  • Fix known Taiko Editor bugs
  • Fix BGA animation playing issue

Version: 3.5.0

  • New Taiko Editor
  • Allow set catch speed in editor
  • Support sort by title
  • Support wav as audio source
  • Improve scroll speed on Windows
  • Improve the scroll experience when connecting Mac to a normal usb mouse
  • Fix some editor crash bugs
  • Fix catch speed display bug
  • Fix BGM overlap bug
  • Fix Android graphic bug when resume from background

Version: 3.4.7

  • Fixed random miss bug, introduced from the last version
  • Fixed artist and title mismatching
  • Fixed song cover not able to load
  • Fixed beat lines disappearing from the editor
  • Fixed replays where not save-able
  • Other known bugs

Version: 3.4.5

  • Support to edit multiple bpms in editor
  • Support to display the song's original name
  • Support to delete skin
  • Added note start position marker
  • Better difficult charts playing experience
  • Added Korean translation
  • Fixed can not import skin from Documents bug
  • Fixed the bug that replay can not be saved after using the skin

Version: 3.4.0

  • [New] Catch mode editor
  • [New] Added "New" label to the newly added charts.
  • Fixed editing options can not correctly saved issue.
  • Fixed Editor can not save the song meta issue.
  • Fixed can't import skin from msz issue.

Version: 3.3.6

  • New Mod: 0.8x speed.
  • Automatically set the default language according to the system language, no longer need to select manually.
  • UIS supports triangle touch area, type = 3, see UIS document.
  • UIS supports the use of tex5 to specify the header image of the hold notes.
  • Add beat line for taiko.
  • Better taiko judgement. A single tap at center of drum can be recognized as double tap.
  • Editor supports exporting chart package to documents/export.
  • Add load animation.
  • Auto-sync online song meta (title, cover, level).

Version: 3.3

  • Supported chat on mobile devices
  • Improved audio quality with Rush/Dash mod and editor 0.75/0.5x speed
  • Supported review chart at result, now players can recommend or not recommend charts
  • Added new language: French
  • Fixed key sounds played at 1x speed with Rush/Dash mod.
  • Fixed some bms parse error

Version: 3.2

  • [Editor] Support copy/paste
  • [Editor] Support test with autoplay
  • [Editor] Support adjust volume
  • [Skin] Support custom hitsounds
  • [Skin] Support animation
  • New russian language
  • New taiko introduce animation
  • Show confirm dialog before quit playing
  • Fix double hitsounds in taiko mode
  • Fix can't adjust speed during taiko playing
  • Fix known store bugs

Version: 3.1

  • [New] Key mode editor, Notice: Can't edit/test non-mc charts.
  • Support watch replay with Luck mod.
  • Improve key sound performance.
  • Fix can't upload charts bug.
  • Known bugs fix

Version: 3.0.12

  • In game editor, support creating chart with new audio or based on other charts. Only PAD mode is supported in Editor currently, support for other modes will be released in the coming versions.
  • Display musicbar in key mode.
  • Better star calculation for all modes.
  • Improve chart load performance for loading large amount of charts.
  • Support loading from "Beatmap" folder.
  • Improve preview performance for bms charts.
  • Display current hit offset in pause.
  • Fix fail to change speed during playing.
  • Fix fail to add friends.
  • Fix osu and tja charts parse error in some cases.
  • Save editor settings to mc files
  • Fix not playing keysounds in test
  • Fix can't change keysound volume in editor
  • Fix crash casued by multitouches
  • Fix can't delete broken songs
  • Fix auto timing offset issue
  • Add Thai language
  • Better key charts star calculation
  • Support portrait mode on Windows
  • Support load charts from custom folder
  • Fix bpm and length display issue in song selection.
  • Fix crash caused by Auto Timing
  • Fix can't select sub folders issue on Android
  • Fix can't enter password issue on Android
  • Support import from iTunes on iOS
  • Lower key sound latency on all devices. Please report to us if this makes you feel worse
  • In game web browser
  • Support play Pad charts with Luck mod
  • Support import audio(mp3, m4a, aac) from iTunes
  • Better editor UI
  • Others minor UI changes
  • Fix virtual key stucked in Step mode

Version: 2.3.0

1.[New] View profile by tapping on your avatar,or avatars in ranking list.Also achievements and puzzles are displayed here

2.[New] Add spanish,German translations,thanks for the contribution from players.Please contact with us if you are willing to help with other translation

3.[New] New default skin,LoveLive style for 7/8/9K charts.Skinning document is available atHere

4.Fix crash after switching skin

5.Fix skip prelude issue

6.Support keyboard in offset wizard

Version : 2.2.0

  • [New] New offset wizard
  • [New] New store UI for mobile
  • Save speed for each mode

Version : 2.1.0

  • [New] New mode: Taiko
  • [New] Message box for mobile version
  • Fix some multi bpm bms parsing bug

Version: 2.0.1

  • New UI, enjoy the UI only for mobile phone
  • New BGM
  • UIS system, you can customize all what you see in Malody as you wish
  • Fix crashes cased by osu charts
  • Fix crashes when visiting store
  • Fix some devices can't play in fullscreen issue
  • Fix some player can't login to server issue

Version: 1.17.3

  • Support preview in store.
  • Improve performance of song selection and play.
  • [New] Support new Catch note: Hold, use Noteart to edit.
  • [PC&Mac] In game chatting.
  • [iOS] New keysound engine is now working as default.
  • [Android] Support part of tablet devices.
  • [Fix] Fix keysounds not play in Pad mode issue.

Version: 1.17.1

  • New UI for song selection.
  • Support changes 3D column degree up to 50.
  • New mod: Origin, works on Pad and DJ mode, which changes the judgement, enjoy it if you play bms.
  • [iOS] Fix crashes in store.
  • Fix audio not playing issue with sm charts.
  • Fix hint message not show at bottom issue.
  • Fix songs arrangement in wrong order in store in some cases.

Version : 1.16.10

  • New mod: Hide
  • In game quest
  • Auto offset: Try this feature if you can't find proper audio offset
  • [Windows & Mac] Support press F12 to take screenshot
  • Support DP part of bms charts
  • Support export replay as file
  • [iOS] New keysound engine for test
  • Improve in game download
  • Fix some sm charts load issues
  • [Android] Fix status bar not hide issue

Version : 1.16.5

  • Support replay
  • New combo font
  • Support play Pad mode with windows keyboard
  • Support custom hit sound
  • Support search in Store
  • Support hold note in Pad mode
  • Fix Auto can't achieve 100% acc. in catch mode


  • New mode "Pad"
  • Add musicbar to Catch and Pad
  • Merge iPad score ranking into iOS
  • Add "Open directory" option in song selection (Windows only)
  • Fix some crashes of Android
  • Add audio performance, higher means lower latency


*In game download(beta)

  • Support windows touch screen
  • Add Japanese translation
  • Support use TAB to switch inputboxs in login

Version : 1.14.1

  • Support portrait play mode (Optional)
  • Better key sound performance
  • Support in game skin switch
  • Keep screen bright during playing
  • Fix crashes of result

Version: 1.13.15

  • Add new offset bar
  • Support drag zip/osz/mcz into game window to import (Windows & Mac)
  • Support in game search
  • New Dash/Rush mod
  • Add in game hitsound, different hitsound available
  • Bugs fix

Version: 1.13.7

  • Support skip prelude part, click countdown or press enter
  • Adjust random mod of catch
  • Fix some crash issues

Version: 1.13.5

  • Fix bugs with 3D column
  • Fix local score display issue
  • Support 3D column on Windows and Mac
  • Support delete charts in selection
  • Support save data to internal memory on Android if sdcard is unreachable
  • Support keysound of empty column

Version : 1.13.1

1. New audio engine, better performance.

2. New song selection, support sorting charts by title/bpm/length.

3. Introduce new chart difficulty star label.

4. In-game ranking.

5. New offset wizard.

6. New random mod for Catch.

7. Bugs fix.

Version : 1.12.9

  • Add startup screen to all versions.
  • Change resize scale for fullscreen and large resolution.
  • Improve launch speed of android version.
  • Fix can't set custom key bug of catch mode.
  • Fix mc parse bug.
  • Fix crashes on Android

Version : 1.12.7

  • Fix crashes on Android
  • Fix crash when entering option
  • Allow change background dim when playing
  • Somg UI changes

Version: 1.12.5

  • New visual effect of catch mode
  • Supports mc format catch charts (use with NoteArt)
  • Supports change offset and speed during game play
  • Supports auto update on android device (from next update)
  • Charts could be imported from iTune on iOS


  • Support joystick
  • Support key binding for Catch mode
  • Support 3K charts
  • Support change speed/offset during playing
  • Support catch mode of mc chart
  • Fix crash on iPad 2
  • Fix BGA not display of bms

Version: 1.12.1

  • Support .mc format chart files. (With editor)
  • Fix some crashes of .sm charts.
  • Support change column position of Key mode. (In option)
  • Fix some conversion issues of Catch charts.

Version: 1.11.5

  • Introduce judgement(best, cool, good) to catch mode.
  • Add Const mod for Key/Step/DJ mode.
  • Support multi language.
  • Fix some crashes caused by SM files.

Version : 1.11.1

  • New Catchmode
  • New font on windows and mac
  • Fix some crashes caused by SM files.

Version: 1.10.7

  • Fixed a bug which may cause a crush on Android
  • Fixed some song cannot be loaded correctly in iOS8.1
  • Optimized the input box on Android, Chinese input is supported.
  • Supported full screen mode on Android 4.4

Version : 1.10.1

  • Special size adjust for 1280*720, 1920*1080. (phone only)
  • Optimize cover load speed
  • Optimize Step mode performance, 60% faster
  • Experimental support for ASIO on windows
  • Support simple song list for better performance on some old devices
  • Support full width virtual keyboard on phone and pad
  • Some UI fix

Version: 1.9.1

  • Switch to new server, more stable.

Version: 1.8.1

  • New effect sound (click, back, erc.)
  • Add line number to song selection.
  • New low hp effect.
  • Show score difference between current play and local best.

Version: 1.7.15

  • Add hint for mods.
  • Support BMS double play and BGA(Optional).
  • Support use shift/ctrl/alt for playing.
  • Add notification system, access from top right corner in song selection.

Version: 1.7.11

  • Increase fps limit to 360 on windows.
  • Redesign interface for 1024x600 resolution on windows
  • Support keyboard control in music manage (Space for pause/play, arrow key for song selection)
  • Support delete music in music manage
  • New background music

Version: 1.7.7

  • Fix crashes on ios 5.1.1
  • Redesign interface size & layout on ipad 1/2
  • Add chart status labels on chart selection list

Version: 1.7.5

  • Fixed unclickable DJ disk option.
  • Supported CREATOR tag in bms files.
  • Changed rank graphic in result page.
  • Support hide key pad in STEP mode (Toggle in option).

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