In this page, several frequently asked questions are answered according to diverse platform.


Supported chart format

  • .osu (for Key/Catch/Taiko)
  • .bms/.bme/.bml/.pms (for Key/DJ)
  • .sm (for Key/Step)
  • .tja (for Taiko)
  • .mc (Malody format for all)

How to import charts

  • All platform: Login to use in game download
  • Windows & Mac: Drag zip/osz file into game window
  • Windows & Mac: Copy chart file into beatmap directory.
  • iOS & Android: Download chart in browser or any apps and select to open with Malody.
  • Android: Copy chart file into sdcard/data/malody/beatmap through usb connection.
  • iOS: Drag chart file into iTunes->Your device->Application->Malody->Documents

Unable to import the charts

Charts are usually in zip or osz format, and rar format is not supported. If charts are put in a subfolder, only one level is allowed. In another word, chart files must be exactly in the chart folder.

First, make sure all charts are located in the “pending” folder correctly . For Android, it is "sdcard/data/malody/beatmap".

If you have confirmed that the charts are in "beatmap" folder and the client still have truble to load the charts, it is possible that:

  • If the chart is from bms, it is possible that the chart format is incorrect. Please report it in the "Talk - Feedback" with downloadable links of the chart.

Unable to achieve good scores

If you are a pro-player in another piano-like game, but have trouble to achieve good scores in Malody, it is highly possible that the chart are not snapped correctly to the audio file. After a proper play, you can find the hit statistics in the message board. For example, +40ms means your hits as 40ms before the right time in average. Then you can set "hit offset" in setting to 40 to neutralize the deviation.

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