Malody Taiko World Cup 2021 -Summer-


Malody Taiko World Cup 2021 -Summer- is a tournament among Malody Taiko players in the world.

Each team needs at least two players and up to three players.

You'll use Fair Mod to apply the judge of Mobile to PC because the judge of PC is narrower than Mobile.

Also, "you'll use Discord" to aggregate scores and replay video.

We'll release detailed rules of MTWC after application period.



Rank 1 Gift Card worth $50 per player

Rank 2 Gift Card worth $30 per player

Rank 3 Gift Card worth $15 per player


Period 2021/2/17~2021/6/16

Application link

Application Requirements

・Any player can apply in the tournament, no matter what capability or nationality.

You must log in to your Google account to apply.

・The maximum number of characters of team's name is under ten.

・Don't use improper expressions in your team's name.

You can't participate in more than one team.

・You can form a multinational team.

・In an above case, please choose a country of leader in Country.

・Within the application period, there's no limit on the number of teams. We're looking forward to more application!

Application Form

・Team's name…Required

・Team's icon…Required

※Aspect ratio...1:1


・For those who chose "Others"…Those who chose "Others" in Country should write your country.

・Member…Please write your name in Malody(required) & Twitter account(optional).



We manage all of MTWC.


If you have a question about the tournament, please send a message to @Somen_yan in Twitter DM.

Twitter ID:@Somen_yan

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