Malody 4K World Cup 2021

Competition introduction:

Malody Key World Cup 2021 (4K) (MKWC 4K 2021) is a competition between Malody 4K players in the world. It is held on both mobile and PC platforms at the same time.

The pattern of the competition is to create a Team multiplayer room to compare the scores to decide the outcome.Players must register according to their own district (PE or PC competition area). You cannot sign up for two competition areas at the same time.Any judge is permitted to be used but Mods are prohibited.

P.S. During the competition, the PC competition area will still open Fair mod throughout the competition.

Result of MKWC 2020


The Malody Key World Cup 2021 (4K) is run by various community members by distributing the multitude of tasks into various fields of responsibility.


Mappool Selector

Art designer


19s 19s


Players who provide financial support for the competition, all of this money will be used to purchase physical prizes.


Competition registration:

Registration Entrance

Players willing to participate in this competition can register through the webpage above.

Registration time: 2021.2.27-2021.6.15 Everyone can sign up at most twice, please fill in carefully.

Each team needs at least two players and up to four players.

multi-account is not allowed

Players from the same country can form different teams to register, multinational teams can also be formed.

Each team must have a team name, language is not limited but less than ten words

Each registered player will be checked and verified by the tournament manager and will be included in the national candidate list.

All players can sign up. As we have planned, there will be 32 teams in the competition. If the number of registered teams is less than 32, we will reduce it to 24 or 16. Of course, our aim is always to let as many teams as possible join in.

Malody 4K World Cup Seed Team Qualifier

Event time: 2021-5-3 00:00 - 2021-6-15 00:00 (GMT)

Seed Team: Teams with higher overall strength. They will be divided into eight-race areas to avoid premature encounters.





Multiplayer Room Instructions:

A referee will create a multiplayer room 10 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.

Room name must be "MKWC4K 2021: (xx) vs(xx).( “xx” is your team number.)

Each team is free to select up to one warm-up map. All maps must be Malody online map(Stable/Alpha map).

Representatives of two teams roll the point(send "$roll" in the chat room), the winner of the $roll starts picking the first map of the match, and then takes turns choosing.

The winner of the $roll starts banning one map, followed by the loser of the $roll to ban a map Each team can ban one map from the mappool. These maps are not allowed to be picked by any team in the entire match. (Tiebreaker(TB map) is not allowed to be banned)

In each game, each team can do one of the following after the opponent selects the map:

・Specify to enable Dash Mod.

・Specify to enable Flip Mod.

・All players use C judgment.

Each of the three operations can be used at most once, and the TieBreaker map does not allow any of the above operations

Mappool Instructions:

The Mappool of each round will be released in Malody Shop

One week before the official competition, you can download mappool charts in Malody Shop

There will be six mappools, Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Finals, and Grand Finals.

The Group Stage mappool will consist of 9 +1maps, Round of 16 and Quarterfinals will consist of 11+1 maps, SemiFinals and the Finals mappool will consist of 13+1maps, the Grand Finals Mappool will consist of 15+1maps. (They all contain a Tiebreaker map, when entering the match point, the last map will be replaced by the TB map.)

The charts' difficulty increases step by step from Lv.12 to Lv.40 Chart in the World Cup mappool will not be more difficult than Lv.40

MKWC 2021 Mappool

Refer to the chart for difficulty (Level 30 and above)

Competition process:

Thirty-two teams will be divided into eight groups, each with four teams.

The winning conditions at each stage are:

In the Group Stage, your team needs to win 4 maps to win a match. (Best-of-7)

In the Round of 16, your team needs to win 5 maps to win a match. (Best-of-9)

In the Quarterfinals, your team needs to win 5 maps to win a match. (Best-of-9)

In the Semi-Finals, your team needs to win 6 maps to win a match. (Best-of-11)

In the Final, t your team needs to win 6 maps to win a match. (Best-of-11)

In the Grand finals, t your team needs to win 7 maps to win a match. (Best-of-13)

For the group tournament, the scoring system is adopted, and the two teams with high net scores are out of the tournament and enter the double-defeat elimination tournament.

(Chart’s difficulty increases from Lv.15-Lv.39 gradually improve)

P.S. If only 16 teams sign up, the group stage will be eliminated and the elimination of double-defeat competition will be directly entered.

Group Stage instructions

Group Preliminary:2021-07-10/2021-07-17

In the first stage (Group preliminary), the teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams, all the teams from each group will face each other(Compare the number of winning games. If the number of winning games is the same, compare the number of winning charts)and the top 2 teams of each group will move on to the Double Elimination Stages.

Double Elimination Stages instructions:

The following stages are Double Elimination Stages. This means that the winner moves to the next stage and the losing team gets moved to the Loser bracket.

Group Situation

Group Preliminary Mappool

Double Elimination Stages instructions:

The following stages are Double Elimination Stages. This means that the winner moves to the next stage and the losing team gets moved to the Loser bracket.

①Round of 162021-07-19/2021-07-21
②Losers Round 1(Round of 16 mappool)2021-07-22/2021-07-25
④Losers Round 2(Quarterfinals mappool)2021-07-29/2021-07-31
⑤Losers Round 3(Quarterfinals mappool)2021-08-01/2021-08-02
⑦Losers Round 4(Semifinals mappool)2021-08-05/2021-08-07
⑧Losers Round 5(Semifinals mappool)2021-08-08/2021-08-09
⑩Losers Final(Finals mappool)2021-08-12/2021-08-14
①①Grand Final2021-08-16/2021-08-18

Scheduling will be handled by the Tournament Management. Schedules will be released on the Sunday before the first matches of the actual stage. Tournament Management will try to create the schedule to respect the participant's time zone.(Use UTC time)

P.S. In the stages Quarterfinals and higher: Please inform tournament management before Sunday, If you and your teammates aren't available for the specified period of time, please let the captain inform the tournament manager in advance.

Reschedules will only be considered if both teams agree to a time at least 24 hours before the first match in that particular stage.

Captains are responsible for their team's availability. The bigger team size exists to ensure every team can provide at least two players for each match. If teams can not provide two players for a match and exceed the waiting time, the match will be considered forfeited.

Points of special attention:

1. There is no limit to the number of teams registered in each country and players from the same country can form different teams to sign up, but the number of members of each team must be more than or equal to 2 and less than or equal to 4.(Each team can have 2-4 players).

2. You can sign up individually, then find a teammate and ask him to fill in your Malody ID in the column of captain ID. If you can't find a teammate, you can wait for the assignment.

3. If a player accidentally disconnected from the server during the game, the score is invalid. Every team can restart at most once in each match. The team that disconnected from the server for the second time will be negatively judged. If both sides have a teammate disconnected from the server, the map will be restarted.

4. The map that has been played cannot be reused in the same match.

5. If the match starts, one team does not arrive, the start time of the game can be delayed for up to 10 minutes; if one team is absent in half of the match, the maximum waiting time is 5 minutes, and the decision is overdue.

6. Exchanging players during a match is allowed without limitations.

7. One map will be given as a Tiebreaker map. This map will only be played in case of a tie.

(Tiebreaker map: The most difficult map in the map pool, it can not be banned, can not be selected in advance).

8. If individual players cause too many delays, they will be banned.

9. If there is no game manager or referee, the game will be postponed.

10. Disrupting the match by foul play, picking inappropriate warmup maps (see below), insulting and provoking other players or referees, delaying the match or other deliberate inappropriate misbehavior is strictly prohibited.

11. If there are other accidents, the referee will be as tolerant as possible to deal with them.

All players and referees must be treated with respect. Instructions of the referees and tournament management are to be followed.

Competition prizes:

Each member of the 1st team will receive a champion medal + champion exclusive achievement + two Marlo key chains & 10k Gold coins.

Each member of the 2nd Team will receive a runner medal + runner-up banner + a Marlo key chain & 10k Gold coins.

Each member of the 3rd Team will receive a third-place medal + third place banner & 10k Gold coins.

Each member of the top 4-8 teams will receive 5K gold coins + World Cup Achievements & limited puzzle.

The rest of the players will receive 2K gold coins & World Cup Achievement & a limited puzzle. (The top three teams also have achievement & puzzle.)

Moreover, we may add more gifts for the participants in the competition.

P.S. Cash rewards can be converted into other equivalent items such as gift cards.

Malody 4K World Cup team reserve all the right for the final explanation.

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