4K Chart Brawl 2022

4K Chart Brawl 2022



4K Chart Brawl 2022 includes Exhibition/Guest Match. Mappers can either do solo or teamwork. For teamwork, no more than 6 members are allowed in each team. Each member must take part in the submission (as long as the member appears in the creator list).

See participants/submitted charts.

Exhibition Match

There is no limit on the level, but the song should be within 10 minutes. The number of submissions cannot exceed the number of team members. Stable charts are not allowed to submit. Only mcz files are accepted.

Guest Match

Choose 1 - 3 quest songs. Each quest song can only exist one chart, the level should be within Lv.15 - 34.

Guest songs

Dawn of Asia-template

Search c109801 in game to download


Search c109800 in game to download

Hoshikuzu distancia-template

Search c109799 in game to download

Deadball de Homerun-template

Search c109797 in game to download

Yumeji hyoshi-template

Search c109796 in game to download

Wing of Hearts-template

Search c109795 in game to download


Search c109794 in game to download

0verf1ow(feat. Luschka & Panaman)-template

Search c109793 in game to download


Search c109792 in game to download

Please note that:

- If participants only submit either Exhibition/Guest Match, the other section will receive no points.

- Participants are encouraged to do teamwork, therefore the display priority for the event in the shop is: Guest Match - Exhibition Match (Teamwork)/Anonymous contribution - Exhibition Match (Solo)/Anonymous contribution.

Time schedule

A two-week preparation plus one-month exhibition. Please submit before the preparing time ends.

Preparing time: Nov 15, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021

Exhibiting time: Dec 3, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021

Scoring Rules

The score of exhibition match*0.9 plus the score of quest match will be the final score.

The score of exhibition match equals the total number of votes/the number of submitted charts received in exhibition match.

The score of quest match equals the total number of votes/the number of submitted charts received in quest match.

One vote from judges equals three votes from players.



The probition of songs: No Arcaea/Rayark songs are allowed to be used to creat charts, nor the following artists: a_hisa, m108, NeLiME.

- If there is an absence, the final score will *the number of attended members/the number of team members.

- If there is a report of plagiarism, the chart will no longer be exhibited and will receive no points.

- If the organizer reviews the chart as extremely inappropriate, the chart will no longer be exhibited.

- If you select an inappropriate song, the submissions of your team will no longer be exhibited. Penalty will be given depending on the situation. Content contained in inappropriate songs: porn, political, horror, or content that makes people uncomfortable.


All participants will become invited users. See changes to chart slot .

  • The 1st place in total score will receive 20000 golds.
  • The 2nd place in total score will receive 15000 golds.
  • The 3rd place in total score will receive 12000 golds.
  • The 4th - 8th place in total score will receive 10000 golds.
  • The rest participants will receive 5000 golds.

Submission Methods

For solo, please send your mcz file to [email protected], including your uid.

For teamwork, please choose a captain first. The captain will be responsable for sending the mcz file to [email protected], including members’ uid and team's avatar.


  • If the chart is already uploaded to the server, you can just send the cid.
  • During exhibition, charts will be transferred to the creators. For teamwork, charts will be transferred to the captain. Please note if there is any requirement.
  • If you want to contribute anonymously, please note in the email. Your charts will be transferred to Marlo-Chan. A team or a team member’s anonymous contribution is accepted.

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