Welcome to Malody 5.0

Welcome back! This is the Malody dev team.

During the tremendously fitted development time over the year, we refurbished the whole game client in and out with full-energized graphics using Unity. Our server has as well been rebuilt and armored with the newest technology stacks. This combination grants you a whole new level of smooth and slick gameplay experience.

The new game client will not simply be a graphics update. Those blanks of intuitive interactions and useful functionalities from the legacy versions have been filled as a priority.

We did also make our best effort to keep the compatibility with the legacy game client:

1. All old chart formats are supported,

2. Rank boards and account data will be kept, and

3. You will eventually be able to play multiplayer with people on legacy game clients.

However, there ARE certain features that we are not confident enough on reviving the full backward compatibility:

1. All skins that only replace images, and

2. Most of the UIS skins.

We believe this would be a serious issue for all of you great players. We cannot imagine how much it would affect everyone’s performance on higher difficulties, as those vital and beloved skins are not available anymore.

So, in order to solve this problem, we decided that the new version of Malody will be a standalone software/app apart from the legacy one. They can exist on your device simultaneously, plus, on PC and Android (below version 11), the new one will read from the chart base of the old one. // Unfortunately, IOS and Android 11+ are out of topic since their storage policy.

Now, let’s bring it up! We are having a brand-new title:

Malody V

As a part of the plan, we will also shift to a more flexible rhythm on publishing new versions of game clients: This involves three branches of releases:

1. Beta versions.

Those versions include new experimental features, only for small-scale closed testing within the QA team.

Cannot upload scores to the rank boards. Cannot play in multiplayers with legacy versions.

2. Release Candidate (RC) versions.

They will be running stable on added features, but not all bugs can be covered on this version. Will be published on the official website or in testflight, with mirrors on network disks.

Score upload will be enabled on these versions.

3. Stable versions.

As most of the bugs in RC versions have been removed, those releases will be formally published on App Store, Google Play, and Steam.

The first beta version was already half a year ago. During that time, we fixed over 300 bugs, thanks to the lovely QA team. We believe the quality of our game client meets the requirement of our very first RC release.

In early June, we will release our first RC release on the official website. Depending on your feedback and the status of newly discovered bugs, we will finally decide the release date of stable versions.

Available Features


Download (Windows/Android version uploaded - 2021-10-16):

Android version is fully test on Snapdragon835/Kirin 970 devices.

Latest Version:5.0.0 - RC 2.0

Changelog: Changelog


Bug Report: On GitLab

-- Your best MUG developers.

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