Monthly Ring Event #4

Time limit:2021-7-4 00:00(UTC) ~ 2020-7-20 00:00(UTC)


  • Play the charts of Ring mode below, try to get the best score as you can. The event point of each chart equals to your score divided by the notes count. The sum of all the 6 event point will be the final result.
  • Score with accuracy lower than 70% will not count to event point.
  • Awards: 5000 gold for top 20% players, 2000 gold for top 20% - 50% players. Also a unique achievement for players who have passed all 6 charts.


Please download the event charts from your in-game store. Enter the chart id in search box and grab them.

CHASE!-Easy Lv.7

Search c97171 in game to download

Arigatou-Normal Lv.14

Search c96657 in game to download

Purple Rays-Hard Lv.18

Search c97516 in game to download

Sweet Shining Shooting Star-Hard Lv.20

Search c97311 in game to download

Chochocho! YuruYuri*Capriccio!!!-Hard Lv.21

Search c97015 in game to download

Euphorium-Hard Lv.22

Search c97104 in game to download


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