The 10th Marlo Cup Mapping Contest(Slide)



yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3F


yoshilove:"It's fun, even though it's designed to be played with two fingers.

Very well thought out."


Laddie_A:Stable quality. Outstanding in this competition I have to say. The chart is well organized. Everything looks neat and tidy, and it's even better when you play it. I love the pattern from beat 166.The experience is entertaining, and exciting as it offers a smooth challenge for players in a quite decent way. You deserve an e. :P

Second Place

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2C


yoshilove:"I found it somewhat lacking in a lot of tracing motions.

It would be better to reduce the number of Wipe notes a bit and let the player tap them."


Laddie_A:Love those slides from beat 113. It's eye-catching, and elegant, and definitely draws players attention back to the chart while the song has been on for nearly one minute with basic patterns only offered. Yet there is a problem that malody has pretty strict judgement on slides. It has different judgement rules when there is one single slide or multiple. Thus, it leads to a disturbance of getting miss accidentally when a slide ends in another slide, which means in that moment the "Single Slide" rule takes the place of the "Multi Slides" rule. But I mean, afterall it shows great ability of the mapper in organizing a chart. It's still worth a solid 7 isn't it.

Third Place

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2B


yoshilove:"It would have been better to put another note on one side of 41-48.

It's fun enough for a tap type chart."


Laddie_A:"Unseasoned as it is. Too weak to be a star, too plain to be a bard."

Awesome Competitors

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:1C


yoshilove:"It's pretty good that the notes are placed as true to pitch as possible.

However, it feels lacking in places, and lacks excitement at the end of the song."


Laddie_A:The creative and lively uising of notes length builds up a quite unique eperience for the players. Meanwhile, I'm looking for more connection between the chart and the song, yet seemingly that's where the author might want to put more efforts on.Besides, in details, I didn't get that "Tap-wipe-tap" jack, which appearts quite weird when playing. But overall it's good, and I would like to give a strong 6 on it.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3L



Laddie_A:Bugs on slide judgement as well.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3M


yoshilove:Just the right amount of fun and movement.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3K


yoshilove:"The tapping does not fit the song.

Too many slide notes added forcibly."

Laddie_A:Same problem with 3H. Also, overlapping one slide on another leads to judgement bugs.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3G


yoshilove:It's a little fun. However, it was a little uncomfortable because it was removing sounds that should not be removed.


Laddie_A:You might want to turn the grid lock on.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3H


yoshilove:It was nice to have a pattern to stick to, but it was not suitable for playing.


Laddie_A:Lots of sparks of creativity in this chart, to be honest. But they can not form as a complete idea. What all mappers should know is that, in slide mode, I do not look for some random inspirations. All inspirations works until it's been organized and well delivered. You see, mapping is about providing your own ideas, as well as the theme or things behind the song. It's more like a language, and it needs grammar. It shall be a working system, a machine, that makes sense in some ways, but not just some ideas stacked up into piles and piles, and no one can really figure out what's really going on. Feeling like a light 4 for this one.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2F


yoshilove:It's a good thing that the last part is harder, but it may be too difficult for players to play properly.


Laddie_A:The chart is still okay until the end part…

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2D


yoshilove:"There is a part where the note is not placed in the exact position. If possible,

use a pattern that matches the pitch of the notes."


yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2E



Laddie_A:Too many ideas in the chart, while they can hardly work as a unity. And the notes in the beginning part is a bit narrow by the way.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3C


yoshilove:Do not make unnecessary BPM changes or overlap the start of a slide note with another note.

Laddie_A:Glad to have charts like this. Pattern from beat 317 is disturbing, but most of the other parts are quite pleasing. Also, try to use effect when coding for the SVs. This will help you a lot. And certainly, you deserve a π.^ ^

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3A


yoshilove:"There are unnecessary Wipe notes and patterns.

Do not overlap notes on slide notes."


yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3I


yoshilove:There were a few wipe notes that should be changed to normal notes.


yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3B


yoshilove:There are a few notes that are not correct. Listen carefully to the song and place your notes.

Laddie_A:Organized at least

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3J


yoshilove:Do not use unnecessary BPM changes.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3D


yoshilove:The grid can be aligned from the grid settings.

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:3E


yoshilove:Do not overlay tap notes on slide notes.


yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:1B


yoshilove:"The grid can be aligned from the grid settings.

There are occasional patterns that look fun, but a lot of notes are not placed in the right rhythm."

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:1A


yoshilove:"The grid can be aligned from the grid settings.

Don't just put down notes for now, listen to the song carefully until the end and make a chart."

yoshilovexipiguLaddie_APower Point

contest chart:2A


yoshilove:"The grid can be aligned from the grid settings.

You should increase the note size.

The 「WINTER」 note pattern may be a good idea, but it is a bit too forced."

Competition Flow

Stage 1: Charting stage

Submitting Time: Aug. 25th ,2021 00:00 (UTC) - Sep.6th ,2021 00:00 (UTC)

Organizers will upload the course song,it will be a online chart,including music (.ogg) and the chart template (.mc) .

All the participant should download the course song and choose 1 of them to charting.

As soon as the charting has been finished, the chart file should be delivered to the staffs through any private way (read the submission details).

You may not share your map before the final result is released, otherwise you will be suspend from the contest.

Any chart which is not uploaded by publisher in the course song page will be removed untill the contest is end.

Stage 2: Marking Stage

Scoring time From: Sep. 6th ,2021 10:00 (UTC) - Sep. 19th ,2021 00:00 (UTC)

During this stage, all the participants' works will be uploaded to the website anonymously with a unique ID number.

The low difficulty charts of the theme songs will be provided by the organizer during this stage.

Submission Method


Alternatively, you can send your chart file(.mc or .mcz) to the official e-mail ([email protected]) , with your Malody ID to grab the eligibility for the mapping contest.

Submission Details

After the release of the course songs, you can use the In-game Editor to chart.

The organizers only accept .mc files.

The chart's difficulty must be Lv.17-Lv.27. Too low or too high difficulty will be refused.

Marking Criteria


Each judge gives each participant a score of maximum 10.

Power point

After Marking Stage, every chart will get another score named Power point. It will be count by 10*(R+ln(H))/(R+NR+ln(H)+1):R mean Recommended, NR mean Not Recommended, H mean Hot.

Final Score=Judge1 score+Judge2 score+Judge3 score+Power point.


All excellent charts in this contest will remain stabled.

The top 3 charter will receive an prize with a value around $ 20(USD,itunes or amazon gift card) (depending on where the participant is located)

Everyone joined this contest can get special achievement and some gold(in malody) for rewards!

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