Monthly Key Event #10

Non-champion-BOF/G2R Specials

Time: 2021-10-3 00:00 (GMT)~2021-10-17 00:00 (GMT)


  • Play the following charts and try your best to achieve higher scores.
  • The event point will be the score of each chart divided by its notes count. The sum of your event points will be the final result.
  • Scores with accuracies lower than 70% will not be calculated to the event point.
  • 5000 gold for the top 20% players, 2000 gold for the top 20%~50% players. A unique achievement for players who have completed all 8 charts.

Polacro-4K Easy Lv.7

Search c106391 in game to download

MilK-4K Normal Lv.15

Search c105587 in game to download

The Last Page-4K Hyper Lv.16

Search c106712 in game to download

Jack-the-Ripper-5K Hyper Lv.18

Search c106536 in game to download

NULCTRL-4K Insane Lv.20

Search c105223 in game to download

The Formula-4K Hard Lv.22

Search c106607 in game to download

Scaffold-5K Elaina- vs. kendo's Hyper Lv.23

Search c105977 in game to download

Doppelganger-4K Another Lv.27

Search c106689 in game to download


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