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The Bot of 4K Dan v3 is officially released, and both 4.3.7 and V challenges are available. The process is as follows: enter the room about five minutes before the start, download the Dan chart and prepare, wait for the automatic start, and inform the result by message after the challenge. If you pass the Rank, you will get the Rank badge, which will also include your clear time, the sequence of Dan, and the pass rate. This is the final version of the challenge time (UTC+8).

(the same is true of the Gokou challenge time.).

Malody plans to test a new ranking system one month after the release of 4K Dan Bot.

The new 4K ranking system refers to the Dan course scores recorded by Bot and Stable scores, which is finally the sum of the two values.

Clear Standard/合格条件

Regular 1-10 Dan:Acc95%+ in Judge C

Extra 1-9 Dan:Acc96%+ in Judge C


Regular 0-10 Dan:Acc95%+ in Judge E

Extra 1-Final Dan:Acc96%+ in Judge E

PC Player recommends using Malody V/PC PlayerにはMalody Vがおすすめです

Flip mod is allowed to use

Flip modを使用してください

挑戦スケジュール/Challenge Time(UTC+8)

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