Stable Spotlight (Key) #1 - Play Event

Stable Spotlight #1 (Key) - Play Event


The voting phase of Stable Spotlight finally took a curtain call! Every vote counts, and let us congratulate the two charts with the most votes! Do not be discouraged if your chart wasn't on the list, your charts were still cool and outstanding! Of course, besides the player's choice, publishers have some different opinions on the charts they nominated & players nominated! Let's explore those highlight charts and see what's their reason for choosing those charts!


Charts nominated by nominators



Here comes a strong newcomer in the stable section. Generally speaking, the new charters tended to make mistakes at patterning, catching sounds, or structuring the whole chart. However, after his charting style get polished, baigu showed us his strong understanding of patterning and strategies for designing the whole chart. All the elements in the song are beautifully represented by amazing patterns. The long notes during the Kiai time are definitely the highlight of the chart, not only creating a wonderful visual effect but also improving the game-play experience. Besides the long notes, jacks are also worthy to be mentioned in this chart. The jacks tended to make this chart more challenging. All in all, this chart couldn’t be missed.



Another excellent work by boomushroom. He showed us how to design patterns in such a limited key count, and how to create a live-performance feeling when players play this chart.



It is widely acknowledged that there are many ways to make the chart suit the music and vice versa. Pitching is probably the easy way to do that. If you look into this chart, mostly long notes in this chart are suit the pitch of the music. This strategy of making charts strengthened the concept of the “pitch” in the music, and it is worth learning from this chart. Besides, this chart is strictly layered. For each part, you can easily know what the charter was trying to follow.



A bright and relaxing Vocaloid song. The style of this chart was refreshing, the charter tended to use small key amounts to represent the whole song, creating an amazing live-performance feel when you play this. He also made an amazing attempt to find the balance point between vocals and instruments, the repeated pattern wonderfully represented the repetition during the song. The layering of this chart was also wonderful. Very impressive.

Nominated by players


Akikaze_ showed us his wonderful thoughts and amazing creativity in creating charts. The use of lns and jacks are not only creating an amazing game-play experience but also beautifully represented the song. The difficulty spread of this chart and the transition between break-time and drop were also worth mentioning. We hope there are more outstanding charts, and different styles of charts like this later on!


Newcomer in stable section. The charter has chosen an easy-to-map song for his first stable. By using simple snaps and straight patterns, you may know that the charter has some thoughts on this song.


  • Play the following charts and try your best to achieve higher scores.
  • The event point will be the score of each chart divided by its notes count. The sum of your event points will be the final result.
  • Scores with accuracies lower than 70% will not be calculated to the event point.
  • 5000 gold for the top 20% players, 2000 gold for the top 20%~50% players. A unique achievement for players who have completed all 6 charts.
  • Event time: 2022/04/04 - 2022/04/18 (08:00 GMT+8)


Regain-4K Another Lv.26

Search c114275 in game to download

Scaffold-4K Expert Lv.24

Search c114056 in game to download

Ginbaika-4K Hard Lv.19

Search c114550 in game to download

Pale-4K Hard Lv.19

Search c108467 in game to download

[CRYSTAL_ACCESS]-4K Another Lv.27

Search c110580 in game to download

Space Battle-4K Hard Lv.23

Search c112335 in game to download


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