New publisher - 20220901


Shioriko_: If you're a new charter who started charting not long ago and are eager to find someone to check your chart and give you some suggestions, then that's a recent face for you. He was a pillar stone in helping those beginner charters get a quick improvement in pattern understanding, charting structure, and many more, which can't be covered in short. Therefore, We're introducing boomushroom as our new publisher mainly handles 4K requests.

As an assistant, he is a mainstay to keep the modding and charting community active. Not content with only this, he even takes a step forward to share his unique understanding of charting and contribute new ideas in the charting of his own. With his ideas with creativity, passion, and devotion, I see an amazing skyrocketed number of new charters in key mode, making this mode more energetic and full of passion. His joining is an obvious turning point for key mode and will claim his true place in helping those beginners in charting. We’re hoping to see he will make further prominent contributions to key mode. And last, welcome to the publisher team, boomushroom!

YuzukiY: 俗话说“师傅领进门,修行靠个人”,但要问malody谱面社区有谁能真正担当起“师傅”这个角色的,我觉得非boomushroom莫属。他对有意制作谱面的新人无一不倾囊相授;他对谱面制作的热情远比我们所知道的强烈;他也一直为了改善Malody的谱面环境而呕心沥血。boomushroom的能力已不用我再多说:除了在多次Marlo杯中取得优异成绩,以及谱面被人连连称赞外,我觉得更宝贵的是他对每一位新人都能来者不拒,侃侃而谈,凭心而论,这一工作态度与敬业精神在整个社区都无出其右。他不仅有在旧时的乐动时代所积累下来的经验、随着社区不断进步而演变而来的各种多指风格的理解,还有着把他们融为一体形成理论并运用在实践的能力,所以无论是理论派还是实践派,我相信他都能胜任其中的角色。如果说出色的mapper是演唱会的明星,那他就是游走于各个大街小巷的星探,哦对,他本身就已经是一位大明星了!总之,boomushroom这位publisher的加入必将给key侧带来一场重大变革。

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