New publisher - 20221020


mdr9999: Even apart from Astesia0’s outstanding contribution to Dance Cube, Astesia himself is a legendary rhythm game player and mappee, with a consumate understanding of rhythm games and an aesthetic of mapping that is ahead of its time. The charts he created for Dance Cube has shaped a unique way of playing that is different from other rhythm games and is a model for the next generation of mappers to follow. It is fair to say that Astesia0 is to some extent responsible for the birth of Malody Cube. Since Astesia0 joined the Malody Cube community, he has been actively contributing to the community by creating charts, helping people with cheking their charts, and participating in mapping contests. And because of the free nature of Malody Cube, it may be more appropriate for Astesia0 to utilize his superb aesthetic to lead the evolution of Malody Cube.

HarumakiAoba: Astesia0, as the official mapper of Dance Cube (which is the original game of Malody Cube), has a profoundly unique mapping style, and also leads the evolution of the mapping style, determining the basic direction of Dance Cube mapping in the early days. After coming to Malody Cube community, he was able to write more advanced scores without sort of limitations, and his innovative ideas were given more room to perform. He is willing to understand all styles of mapping, and he has a strong ability to review charts for other mappers. He is known for his siamese cat stickers in community group chat. I believe that Astesia0 will have a great positive impact on the future development of the Malody Cube when he joins the Cube Publisher team.

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