Change to Puzzles

Malody's puzzle was first launched in May 2015 and has served players for 7 years.

Initially, we expected players to experience the fun of collecting in Malody and enjoy the moment when a puzzle is unlocked.

But later, the in-game puzzle display was incomplete, the existence of the puzzle became weaker and weaker, so that many new players joined after 2018 did not know about puzzle.

And the theme of the puzzle itself has also been changed from the music game related to other themes, which does not meet its initial purpose.

Therefore, we decided that the old puzzle will officially end of service on November 1, 2022 ( UTC )

What Happened then

1. Players will not be able to get puzzles randomly by submitting scores.

2. Artist Tickets, Pro Artist Tickets cannot be used and cannot be purchased any more. Purchased tickets will be refunded at the original price.

3. Puzzles that have not been unlocked before can only be obtained through the collector quest.

New puzzle

The new puzzle will be launched after November 2022, and the new puzzle is bound to the event, namely:

1. When playing the charts specified by the event, player can obtain the event-related puzzle randomly

2. Each event can associate more than one puzzle, including puzzles from historical events

3. Event may also not be associated with any puzzles

4. New puzzles during the event cannot be obtained through the collector quest, but can be obtained after the event is finished

Players will get one puzzle piece every time they submit scores, but there is no guarantee that the puzzle piece will be unique. However, if the score Acc value is greater than or equal to 98%, a unique puzzle piece is guaranteed.

Puzzle pieces are no longer available when the puzzle is unlocked.

After the event, players who play the full event chart set and get a total score in the top 50% ranking will automatically get the puzzle, regardless of whether they have collected it during the event

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