The 13th Marlo Cup Mapping Contest (Taiko)

For more detailed rules, please see the Japanese page.


01/12Published Wiki page-
01/15Submission phase fir quest match (current participants: 20)Finished
01/18Updated rules regarding resubmission-
01/22Quest charts release & judgementFinished
01/28Increased upper limit of standard deviation of judge's scores-
01/29Scores for quest match publishedFinished
01/30Submission phase for exhibition match (current participants: 21:17)Finished

Contest Staff


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Seeded Charters

The following charters are seeded directly into the Formal Group of the exhibition match. The organiser and judges will not be participating in the Guest Group.

Contest Staff:

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Zpm Zpm

Placed top 3 in the Formal Group in the last contest:

Winner of the Guest Group in the last contest:

Persons with outstanding result from previous contests, and has not been absent for 2 consecutive Marlo Cups:

Participating Charts

Formal Group

Guest Group

Quest Songs

seibin feat. 장예나 & 장미ALiCE14513102


All times are in GMT+8.

Quest Match

1. Songs Reveal

The songs will be revealed on Jan 15 0:00.

The template charts will be available for download from the in-game chart shop once the songs are revealed.

2. Chart Submission

The submission period is from Jan 15 0:00 to Jan 21 23:59.

Participants can choose any 1 of the quest songs to chart and submit to the contest.

3. Quest Charts Release

The submitted charts will be released on Jan 22 12:00~.

The charts will be assigned a code for reference.

4. Chart Judgement

The judging period is from Jan 22 12:00 to Jan 28 23:59.

The charts will be reviewed and marked by the judges.

5. Results Release

The results will be announced on Jan 29 19:00~.

A new wiki page for the results of the quest match will be created.

The ranking is determined by the total sum of the scores.

The creator of each chart will not be announced.

Charters with charts above the overall score of 17 will advance into the Formal Group. In the case that less than 40% of charters advance, the top 40% in overall score will advance instead. Outstanding charts in the quest match will be made stable.

Exhibition Match

1. Chart Submission

The submission period is from Jan 30 0:00 to Feb 5 23:59

In this section of the contest, participants can choose whatever song they like to join either the Formal Group or Guest Group.

The Formal Group will be open to participants who did well and advanced from the quest match, and the seeded charters who either had a good record in previous matches, or are one of the contest staff.

The Guest Group will be open to anyone who does not qualify for the Formal Group. This includes participants who unfortunately did not qualify from the quest match, or other charters who did not join the quest match.

2. Chart Release

The charts will be released shortly after the submission period is over in this page.

They will be released with aliases and the introductions written by the charters. Charters can designate an alias for themselves when they hand in their submission.

Charts will be uploaded by the organiser.

3. Chart Judgement

The judging period is from Feb 6 12:00 to Feb 12 23:59 Feb 6 13:00 to Feb 13 0:59.

For participants in the Formal Group, please give a score and comment (optional) to all other charts in the formal group.

For participants in the Guest Group, your charts will be marked by judges instead.

If there is an overabundance of charts, the judgement period will be adjusted accordingly.

4. Results Release

The results will be released on Feb 13 19:00~ in the page previously used for the results for the quest match. Results of the Guest Group will be announced first.

In the Formal Group, all the scores except for the highest and lowest ones will be added up and averaged to produce a final score of a chart.

In the Guest Group, the highest and lowest scores will be halved and added up with the other scores to produce a final score of a chart.


If you meet any one of these criteria, you are not permitted to join the contest. If you break any one of these criteria during the contest, you will be disqualified.

  • Non-possession of a Malody account;
  • Failure of using any of the submission methods;
  • Impersonation or the use of two or more accounts to participate;
  • Has or had been suspended or disqualified by misconduct in previous contests, and;
  • Has or had actively impeded the flow of a contest. (E.g. Taking a long time to judge, affecting the organisers and other participants substantially)

Submission Method

Please compress the chart, song and background image files into a .mcz or .zip file, and send it to the organiser along with a confirmation that you want to join the contest. A template of the confirmation is shown in the next section. While handing in your submission, please do not include any unnecessary files.

Quest Match

Exhibition Match

Submission Method


Chart Rules

Charts with obvious problems will not be accepted into the contest. Please make sure you follow all the rules listed here.

This holds true for ALL parts of the contest

  • The chart submitted must be of Taiko mode.
  • The chart submitted must be of Extreme (or equivalent) difficulty.
  • Only 1 chart is accepted per phase of the contest.
  • The chart submitted must not be or had been public. This includes collaborations.
  • The chart submitted must be of .mc or .tja format.
  • The sound file for the song must be of .ogg format.

For .mc, functions allowed are hs (>0), sign (>0), showbar and ggt. scroll and jump functions are not permitted.

For .tja, functions allowed are #SCROLL (>0), #GOGOSTART/END, #MEASURE (>0), #BPMCHANGE (>0), #BARLINEON/OFF and #DELAY. Fake notes created with the #DELAY function are not allowed.


Exhibition Match

  • Play time should be between 60-180 seconds. (Sound files can be longer than 180 seconds.)

Please do not use any sound files that are abruptly cut before the end of the song.

  • The song submitted should not be or had been present in any Taiko no Tatsujin games before Feb 5th 2023 23:59.
  • The song submitted should not have a stabled chart in Taiko mode in Malody.
  • The song should not be the subject of any copyright disputes. (If you’re not sure, please ask the organiser.)
  • The song should not have any unruly and inappropriate elements. (If you’re not sure, please ask the organiser.)
  • The same song can be submitted twice by all participants. If your song of choice has already been submitted twice, your submission will be rejected. Please choose another song to submit.


Please be aware that, while ggt and #GOGOSTART functions are allowed, they do not have any visual effect in Malody 4.3.7.

Additionally, if there are too many numbers after the decimal point in the number inputted into a sign or #MEASURE function, the chart may not run properly.

Please confirm your chart does not run with any problems using Malody 4.3.7.

Scoring Method

1. Quest Match

Each judge will give a score from 1 to 5.

2. Exhibition Match

Formal Group

All participants need to give a score to all charts other than their own from 1 to 100. The definition of a “good chart” is 70 points.

In the case of 2 charts having the same average score, the chart with the lower standard deviation will be placed higher.

The average score a participant gives should be between 65 and 85. The standard deviation should be between 3 and 11.

A comment can be given to any chart. This is optional, but please ensure the comment is longer than 25 words in English, or 25 characters in Chinese or Japanese when giving one.

A comment needs to be given to the personal TOP and BOTTOM 3. Please ensure the comment is longer than 50 words in English, or 50 characters in Chinese or Japanese.

Please do not write comments in any other language.

Please try not to give too many charts similar scores.

Guest Group

Each judge will give a score from 1 to 10.

Scoring Rule

Please use the designated judging sheet and Malody 4.3.7 as the basis of your score.

Please do not publicise any feedback of any chart yourself before the contest ends.

You can stream or record yourself playing and reacting to the charts, but please do not stream or publish a video of yourself judging the chart before the contest ends.

Any specific criticisms or comments should not be published in a platform where many participants may be able to see.

If found or reported, you may be disqualified depending on the severity of your actions.

Please do not give any comments which are not directly related to the chart. If found, the organiser will ask you to rewrite your comment. The failure of re-handing in your comments before the deadline may lead to disqualification.

Examples: Difficulty level, offset issues, volume or sound quality of the sound file, and BPM / time signature related issues.

These can instead be written in the remarks, where only the organiser can see.

Scoring Advice

Please ensure good time management when judging the charts. There have been many cases where one starts judging right before the deadline and produces very bad quality comments.


All participants will be given 2000 gold and the “Competitor” achievement.

Winners from all groups will be given the “Gold Chart” achievement.

The top 3 of the Formal Group and the winner of the Guest Group will earn a bye to the Formal Group in the next Marlo Cup contest.

Concluding Remarks

This contest is held with the intention to provide a platform for charters to learn from each other and improve on one’s charting skills. Please follow all the rules of the competition, and participate in discussion in a friendly and respectful manner to avoid conflicts.

The organisation committee holds the rights to final interpretation of any rules and regulations. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the organiser. We are committed to improving your experience participating in the contest, so all feedback is appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for reading. Please enjoy the contest!

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