MKTC 2024 Seed Team Qualifier

Malody 4K Team Cup(World Cup) Seed Team Qualifier

Event time: 2024-6-7 0:00 - 2023-6-23 0:00 (GMT+0)

Seed Team: Teams with higher overall strength. They will be divided into eight-race areas to avoid premature encounters.

Registration Entrance:Malody 4K Team Cup 2024 Registration


  • Play charts with Key mode, and try to earn your personal high score on all of them.
  • The Event Points, are calculated by all of your submitted scores, divided by the number of notes on the specific charts. The sum of all of the 8 submitted event points, will be the final result.
  • Scores that have a 70% or lower accuracy, won't be counted to the event point.
  • Only the average scores of the top two in the team are calculated players with the top eight average points in the team will be qualified as seed teams.


Got Me Started (Bag Raiders Remix)-Stage 1: SV (No Const Mod!!!) Lv.1

Search c136658 in game to download

comet casting capsule-4K Stage 2: Starfall Lv.32

Search c136659 in game to download

Northward-4K Stage 3: Polaris Lv.30

Search c136660 in game to download

The World's End (Cut version)-4K Stage 4: Nostalgia <3 Lv.37

Search c136661 in game to download

Summer Dawn-4K Stage 5: Leisure Lv.1

Search c136662 in game to download

Time Jacker-4K Stage 6: Core Lv.1

Search c136663 in game to download

Mystic Bounds (Cut Ver.)-4K Stage 7: Upper Boundary Lv.32

Search c136664 in game to download

Redemptione-4K Stage 8: Repetance Lv.35

Search c136665 in game to download


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