Submitting a Chart


This article will guide you through the process of submitting a chart in the Malody community.

Definition of terms

Below are some important terms used in this article, which help you to understand the submission process.

  • Song: A song is an entity which is independent to the game stages, which has musical information.
  • Charts: The stage file containing note records according to an existing song.
  • Camera-ready ( Stable ): The state of acceptance of the Malody community regarding the quality of the chart. Only by playing Camera-ready charts players can have a recorded score.

Submission process

While editing charts in editor, Uploading is available that allows to submit charts. Editor will upload all the files to server automatically.

Chart status

Any charts are of these 3 status, and you may switch the status of the chart in the chart edit page.

  • Alpha: This means the chart is just a draft and are not completed.
  • Beta: This means the chart is completed and are accepting advice and test play.
  • Stable: This means the chart is accepted by the Malody community and will merely change.

Stable status means the chart is camera-ready.

Please note that chart author can not switch the chart status to Stable.

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