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How to play

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There are five different judgement levels corresponding to different score multipliers.


Multiplier: 0.78

It is recommended for most new players. It is not hard to get Best or Cool even if you failed to hit accurately as the judgement is 40% easier.


Multiplier: 0.85

This is for beginners with the judgement being 20% easier.


Multiplier: 1.00

This is for intermediate players. No bonus nor penalty will be added to the score.


Multiplier: 1.10

This is for advanced players with judgement being 30% harder.


Multiplier: 1.20

This difficulty pushes the players to the limit. It is 60% harder.


A rank will be given after each play according to the performance with 5 ranks in total.


M5 is given when Best is achieved for all notes.


M4 is given if there is no miss and the accuracy is above 95%.


M3 is given if the accuracy is above 90%.


M2 is given if the accuracy is above 80%.


M1 is given if the accuracy isabove 70%.

In addition, if no notes are missed or released too early, a Full Combo status will be shown in your ranking page. This will not affect the final score, though.


As soon as the player passed a Stable Chart, there will be two types of award: gold and experience.

  • Gold: The total amount of gold awarded with respect to a map is limited and is related to your highest accuracy. For example your first try with 80% accuracy will bring you 80 coins and your second try with 90% accuracy will bring you an addition of 10 coins.
  • Experience: 0.02% of the total score of every valid play will be added to the experience. For example you will be awarded 20 experience points for a play with score 100000. The accumulated experience will be shown as your own status in terms of level.

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