How to stable your chart

The Malody community is committed to share vary styles of charts, where the outstanding ones could be stabled that the players' score will be recorded permanently. To help the creators who are willing to make their charts stable, here are the stable rules that all the charts aiming at stable should follow.

How to Make Your Chart Stable

Diff Spread

Although the game will rate the charts automatically as a reference, it is highly recommend to mark the level of submitted chart manually from Level 1 ( Lv.1 ). In common, the range of chart's level is between 1 to 30.

  • Lv.1: Theoretically, this is the lowest difficulty. The chart at this level may have only scores of notes. This level is not used in usual, just reserve for novice tutorial.

  • Lv.2 - Lv.6: Easy. Within this level, new players who never play rhythm games before could pass it and reach a good score after playing several times. The chart should have only a few notes that must be hit at same time, and no pattern that must be played with certain play technique. The length of charts is not long ( generally < 100 s ).

  • Lv7 - Lv.10: Initiate. Within this level, initiate players can enjoy the game and reach a good score with proper play count. The chart may have multiple notes hit at same time, but no pattern that must be played with certain play technique.

  • Lv11 - Lv.16: Standard. Within this level, the chart should be fully made following the rhythm, melody or lyrics . Players can reach a good score in a reasonable play count.

  • Lv17 - Lv.22: Advanced. Within this level, the chart may have much more details and some hard patterns.

  • Lv23 - Lv.30: Challenging. Within this level, the chart's creators may perform their thinking and understanding of music, and may have various type of patterns.

  • Lv31 or Higher: Fierce. This level is reserved for the charts that are made for appreciation but not play.

More information please readChart level reference


  • You may submit multiple charts to a certain song. In spite of allowing of single chart, songs which have multiple charts are recommend, for players having different skill level can enjoy the song.
  • Duplicate song page is not welcomed since the charts of the same song could be made by different creators.
  • All the songs have any stable chart must involves a stable chart lower than Lv10. Besides, it is strongly recommended to have a chart between Lv.10 to Lv.20 of the song for common players as well.*

Stable Rules

  • Chart should be made by in-game editor, use in-game editor features.
  • Audio used in chart should be OGG format.
  • Incorrect meta info like Title and Artist is not allowed
  • Incorrect BPM and offset is not allowed
  • Ambiguous chart name which cannot describe the play mode or difficulty appropriately is not allowed.
  • Offensive or discrimination content is not allowed
  • Unreasonable note count : inadequate or overabundance is not allowed.

Stable references

  • The audio length is recommended to be at least 60s


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