Kaneko Chiharu feat. Haxchi - Suki Tokimeki to Kiss

かねこちはる feat. はぁち - 好きトキメキとキス

:s14828   :61s   :200.01 :2020-07-09 21:02

Tags: VideoGame Bemani Japanese Female vocal

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Artist: かねこちはる feat. はぁち

Composition/Arrangement: Kaneko Chiharu

Lyrics/Vocals: Haxchi

BPM: 200

Length: 2:01

First Music Game Appearance: SOUND VOLTEX III GRAVITY WARS

Other Music Game Appearances: MÚSECA



トキメキの魔法 胸の中あふれてくる

キミだけ 伝えたいの

わたしの魔法に かけるよ イイよね?


キミのことでいっぱい なんだよ


ココロが ドキドキ しちゃうの

どれだけ伝えても まだまだ足りなくて

胸の奥 もどかしいキモチ 届いて

トキメキの魔法 永遠にかけて

つなぐゆび 離れないように握りしめて(ぎゅっとね☆)

優しく笑って 名前を呼ぶその声に

鼓動が 早くなるの

わたしが魔法に かかるの… なんてね☆



トキメキの魔法 永遠にかけて

目を閉じて キミのくちびるをそっと待つの(キスして?)

いじわるしちゃうよ もう目を逸らせないでしょ?

わたしに 夢中だよね

ぎゅっと抱きしめて 見つめて

魔法を かけるよ? 「大好き!」


Lovely magic, springing inside my chest

I just want to tell you something -

If I did some magic, would it be good?

Hey, I've always noticed(Forever)

There are lots of things about you

In the moments of happiness (for now)

My heart starts pounding

I also want to tell you that there's lots of things that are lacking

The back of my chest got a frustrated and impatient feeling

Lovely magic, I'll eternally cast it

Connected fingers, be sure to keep on clutching(Hug me tight☆)

Gently laughing, a voice called my name

And my heart beat faster

I'll do some magic...indeed☆

(Is this nice?Now, more than ever, I've become madly in love!

Got it...heheh, are you prepared?)

Lovely magic, I'll eternally cast it

Close your eyes, and I'll wait for your lips softly(Kiss me?)

So I've become nasty again - did you avert your eyes?

Maybe I'm just crazy

Holding you tight while staring,

Should I do some magic? "I love you!"

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