Using a skin

Importing a skin

1. Download your skin from the Skin section on the top, and ensure the file ends with .msz

2. Put your skin file (msz format) into your skin folder (Windows & MacOS & Android) or Documents folder (iOS)

3. Start Malody, go to the settings and select your custom skin.

Submit your skin

1. Create a skin page, write a description about your skin.

2. Zip your skin files into a zip package and rename the zip file to skin_name.msz

3. Upload your skin file to the server.

4. Last, ask any admins to check and stabilise your skin.

Stable your skin

1. For the game performance, please try to keep the skin file size less than 5Mb.

2. One skin for one mode, do not mix different modes together, let the players to choose the combination of skins.

3. Do not contains any default resource in skin.

4. Use @version to specific the minimum client version.

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