Monthly Key Event #8

Monthly Key Event #8

a.k.a. Key Special Event #2

Event Time: 2019-12-16 02:00 - 2019-12-30 00:00 (GMT)


  • Play charts with Key mode, and try to earn your personal high-score on all of them.
  • The Event-Points, are calculated by all of your submitted scores, divided by the amount of notes on the specific charts. The sum of all of the 8 submitted event points, will be the final result.
  • Scores which have a 70% or lower accuracy, won't be counted to the event point.
  • Awards: 5000 gold for the top 20% of the players, 2000 gold for the top 20% - 50% of the players. Also an unique achievement, for players who have passed all charts, will be given away!


Six String Proof-4K Easy Lv.8

Search c53075 in game to download

Oh my! Lovely! Sweety! Darling!-4K Normal Lv.12

Search c52478 in game to download

toy boxer-4K ADVANCED Lv.16

Search c53076 in game to download

Trill auf G-4K Hyper Lv.20

Search c53074 in game to download

BLACK JACKAL-4K Extra Stage Lv.25

Search c53077 in game to download

voltississimo-4K VIVID Lv.28

Search c51658 in game to download

Afterimage d'automne-5K Hard Lv.18

Search c53111 in game to download

Saishou Sanbai Kanzensuu-5K Hyper Lv.23

Search c53078 in game to download


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