The 4th Marlo Cup Mapping Contest(Taiko)


Started Quest Match submissions

Quest songs

Mikeneko DANCE-temp

Search c23046 in game to download

Higurashi moratorium-temp

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Quest song template download

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Man in Charge (Kuromaku)


Competition Flow

Match 1: Quest Match

Quest Songs Published: July 7, 2018

Quest songs and template charts are published, download-able via the Malody client.

**Submission Time: July 7 2018 18:00 - July 21 2018 18:00 GMT+8*

Participants start mapping and submit their charts.

Submission Publishing Time: July 21 20:00 GMT+8

Judging Time: July 22-28

Judgers evaluates the submitted charts, and rankings are calculated.

Accepted charts are uploaded to the server, keeping participants anonymous by marking with numbers. Proxy statement is allowed if some participant wants to speak on behalf of its chart: Two opportunities, up to 280 letters (bytes), send Myamsar the text and which place the statement to be published by original method of submission.

During this stage, stable charts of lower difficulties are published for play.

Result Published: July 29

Results(scores/ranking) of Quest Match are published. Member list who are admitted to Exhibition Match (Beta Contest Area) is also published. Others can join the Alpha Contest Area of the Exhibition match.

Approved charts are set stable after the match.

Match 2: Exhibition Match

Submission Time: July 30 0:00 to August 5 18:00 GMT+8

This time, the Exhibition match will have 2 groups: Normal and Guest.

Top mappers who advanced from the Quest match can join as the normal group, and the top mappers in the group can win prize money.

In the guest group, contestants who joined the Quest match but failed to advance to the Normal Group can join. Or, if you show interest to Taiko mapping but missed the Quest match, you can join via the Guest group too. Only the 1st place of the Normal group will win prize money (40 RMB)

Submission Publishing Time: August 5 20:00 GMT+8

Top mappers create charts freely for competition.

Judging Time: August 6-12

Result Published: August 13 00:00 GMT+8

Submission Methods

By Email

You can send your chart file(.mc or .tja)to the organizer's e-mail address ([email protected]), note your Malody id in the mail. After reply, your chart is accepted to the contest. Check your mailbox frequently to keep in contact with us.

By Tencent QQ

Add Friend to Myamsar at QQ 494203325 with the annotation "Marlo Cup" and your Malody id. Then, send your chart file in way of Offline Files. After reply, your chart is accepted to the contest. Please keep in contact with us.

Submission Requirements

After downloading the template charts, you can use the In-game Editor or any other notepad tools for mapping. We only accept charts in .mc or .tja formats.

The level of accepted charts must not be lower than Lv.15-Lv.39, which is Extreme(Oni) 5- stars to 10-stars based on standard from Taiko no Tatsujin (before AC15). Charts with over-ranged level would be rejected.

Scoring Rule

In the judging section of Quest Match, each contestant is given original scores in 0-5 from every judge. Total score of not less than the top 40% of the players admitted to Exhibition Match.

In the judging section of Exhibition Match, each contestant is given original scores in 0-100 from every judge. Then the final score is calculated by the algorithm:

(1) Normalize scores of each judge.

For some judge, the maximum score from the judge is Smax, and the minimum is Smin. Normalized score S' is calculated by original score S:


(2) Calculate the average score with half weight of the best and the least score cut down. (See descriptions below)

For some chart, the normalized scores are sorted to a list Si, with i between [1,n]. The score to be cut down (by standards of chart format) is Mis. Final score Sum of the chart is calculated:


The Kuromaku also gives scores, for replacing scores of participated judges from themselves: If the judge gets rank X from the Kuromaku, rank-X-score from the judge itself is used for a replacement.

In the exhibition match, every judge would give the chart a score on a 10-point scale. The total mark of the judges would be your final score.


Admission to Exhibition Match (Quest Match Only)

For all contestants, at least forty percent of contestants is admitted to Exhibition Match in the Normal Group. Others can join via the Guest group

Prize (Exhibition Match Only)

Only top few contestants in the Normal group will be rewarded.

1st place of Normal Group: 100RMB

2nd place of Normal Group: 80RMB

1st place of Guest Group or 3rd place of Normal Group: 40RMB

If the competitor doesn't use Renminbi, It will be exchanged to the currency of the competitor according to the date that the results of the match are published.

Top 3 of the normal match and 1st of the guest match will have the "Gold Chart" Achievement, others will have the "Competitor" Achievement

Stabled Charts

Qualified charts are set stable, lower difficulties being completed by organizers.


The purpose of the competition is "exchange first, competition second", so we hope the contestants, the audience and the members of the organizing committee can be active and harmonious in discussions in compliance with the match rules, and try to avoid conflict with others.

Competition organizers (the Organizing Committee) has the final interpretation of the match rules and all arrangements. Any comments or suggestions on the contest may be conveyed in any public communication ways, where members of the committee are able to learn and reply, and we appreciate your discussion.

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