The 8th Marlo Cup Mapping Contest(Taiko)


Quest Match RESULT

Exhibition Match Submission Time: GMT+8 Aug 3 00:00 - Aug 9 18:00

Quest Match

TOP -Japanese ver.--Extreme (tmp)

Search c72493 in game to download

Tooi Inori Wazuka demo-Extreme (tmp)

Search c72492 in game to download

Volcanic Dragon-Extreme (tmp)

Search c72491 in game to download


Patron & Support

Kuromaku (Host/Operator)


Zpm Zpm

Competition Flow

Match 1: Quest Match

Quest Songs Published: Jul 12, 2020

Quest songs and template charts are published, available for in-game downloads.

Submission Time: GMT+8 Jul 12 18:00 - Jul 26 18:00

Participants start chart creation. Please submit your chart on time.

Submitted Charts Published: Jul 27

Judging Time: Jul 27 - Aug 2

Judges take considerations on the submitted charts. Kuromaku calculates rankings for each participant.

Participants' charts are uploaded to the server anonymously with number markings. If any participant wants to speak for his/her chart, he/she should do a proxy statement: send Kuromaku the text by the original submission method up to 280 letters (bytes). You can only do it twice during each match of the competition.

During the quest match, we will prepare stable charts of lower difficulties for plays.

Result Published: Aug 2

Scores and rankings of the quest match are published.

Those who advanced into the formal group of the exhibition match are listed and notified.

High-quality charts (when at least one judge admit so) are stabled after the match.

Match 2: Exhibition Match

Submission Time: GMT+8 Aug 3 00:00 - Aug 9 18:00

You can always prepare your exhibition chart beforehand. Even if you didn't advance from the quest match, you can still submit your chart in the guest group.

Submitted Charts Published: Aug 9

In this match, participants can choose whatever song he/she likes for the chart creation.

Top mappers who advanced from the quest match have the privilege to join the formal group and compete for awards.

Other than that, if you failed to advance into the formal group, or if you missed the quest match, you can post your creation to the guest group.

Both groups are scored by judges, ranked separately.

Judging Time: Aug 9 - Aug 16

Submission Methods

By Tencent QQ

"Apply friend" to Myamsar on QQ (search QQ number 494203325). Note "Marlo Cup" and your Malody username in the annotations when applying. After that, send your chart file as offline files. We will reply when your chart is accepted to the contest. Please keep in contact with us.

By Email

You can send your chart files (.mc or .tja) to the organizer's e-mail address ([email protected]), note your Malody username in the mail. We will reply when your chart is accepted to the contest, which might happen near the submission deadline. Check your mailbox regularly to keep contact.

Submission Requirements

After downloading template charts, you can use the in-game editor or any other tools for chart creation. We only accept charts in .mc or .tja formats.

The level of accepted charts must be in Lv.15-Lv.40 on Extreme difficulty (see Taiko Chart Level Reference). The song for exhibition match must be in 60-180 seconds.

We will reject charts that doesn't follow this standard or being obviously malicious.

For both matches, your chart needs to be anonymous. Don't publish your submitted chart. Never submit any published chart.

For .tja: #HBSCROLL and #BRANCHSTART commands are forbidden.

Scoring Rule

In quest match, each judge gives each participant a score of 1-5. Participants with a total score of ≥14 are admitted to the formal group in the exhibition match. This criterion will be lowered when less than 40% of the participants are admitted.

In exhibition match, each judge gives each participant a score of maximum 10. For each participant, the score from all judges are summed, then reduced by half of the highest score and a half of the lowest score. The sum-reduced score will be used for the ranking.

The Kuromaku also gives scores to the participants. If any judge joined the match, the score for the judge is replaced: if the judge gets rank X according to Kuromaku's score, the judge gets a score of rank X among his/her scores to other participants.


Award for Everyone

Participants of top rankings

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