Monthly Taiko Event #5

Monthly Taiko Event #5: Hardcore Mode On!

You're gonna have a bad time

Time limit:2019-4-4 14:00(UTC) to 2019-4-24 0:00(UTC)


  • Get higher scores on Taiko charts. For each event chart, the event points you will get are equal to your best score divided by the note count. The final score is the sum of the event points of all charts.
  • All judge difficulties are accepted, but scores with accuracy less than 70% will not count.
  • Awards: 5000 gold for top 20% players, 2000 gold for top 20% - 50% players. Also a unique achievement for players who have passed all the charts.


Download the charts from the in-game store:

Machi bito wa kozu.-Normal Lv.7

Search c37590 in game to download

ECHIDNA-Hard Lv.18

Search c36884 in game to download

Helios-Extreme Lv.22

Search c36685 in game to download

PM is Here!-Extra Lv.26

Search c37573 in game to download

Got noir forever.-Extreme Lv.26

Search c13939 in game to download

Rebellio-Extreme Lv.30

Search c3451 in game to download


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